Zombie Solitaire Review

Ah Solitaire, a timeless classic. Nobody could ever do you wrong! Well okay, maybe they could. With all the various formats of Solitaire, there’s a wide variety of options available… like Zombie Solitaire!


Zombie Solitaire is a take on Pyramid Solitaire… and a big rip off of another Steam game, Faerie Solitaire. The “story” (what little of a story you can have in a Solitaire game) is about a zombie outbreak due to a tofu burger. Yes, a tofu burger. But we’re here for the Solitaire anyways, so it’s okay… and the random hidden object/point-and-click adventure style stuff? What?

Whenever you get to a new “section” of town as you try and escape the zombie outbreak you have to play a little mini-game. These are like hidden object games in some ways, or just general point-and-click adventure game style things. They feel totally random and out of place.. and if you ever want to replay that first level, you have to do it every single time. Once you win a level, you also have to select it from the level select to replay it. There’s no option to do so from the victory screen.

The Solitaire itself is definitely Solitaire. You have to match whatever card is revealed on the top of your deck with plus or minus one of something on the board. You can get screwed over by randomness or just totally destroy a level.

Zombie Solitaire also offers power ups, including some you can get in the levels themselves. These include “tombstone” numbers which you can put as your revealed card to help make more matches. Be warned though! Want to get to the bottom and THEN do that? You can only do that if you actually bought the tombstone card with in-game gold. The level will automatically end if the bottom card of your deck doesn’t match, or if you run out of matches in general. This is despite it saying you can use them whenever…


Unfortunately it seems the developers don’t care about actually “fixing” stuff like this. A quick glance into the Steam forums for the game reveal lots of complaints and a single post from the developers promoting their new game. It’s pretty obvious they released this just to make a quick buck and care very little about the actual quality of it. Which means just save yourself the hassle and just get Faerie Solitaire. The developers actually care about their product there. Well of course, you could get this if you really, REALLY want to play some more Pyramid Solitaire… Really, just don’t get it.

Zombie Solitaire Review Score


Hey, the artwork at least looks interesting! And it has the trolliness of Solitaire! They at least got that right!

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