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Do you like Pokemanz? YEAH?!?! That’s cool bro… Cause I do too… For the past ten years of my life… I have wasted my life away fighting Pokemanz, catching Pokemanz, feeding berries to Pokemanz… You know, the works. And I’m going to do it all again in the third generation remake Pokemon Omega Ruby.

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Here’s a little backstory for you folks. I never had a GameBoy Advance when I was young so when the original Ruby and Sapphire came out, I didn’t have it. I had to listen to my friends and other classmates talk about it. It was pretty depressing for me as a child. Luckily a year later, I discovered emulators. That’s when I finally had my chance to play Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire. For free.


But enough about my sad third generation deprived childhood and let’s talk about this game Pokemon Omega Ruby.


As stated above, this game is a remake of Pokemon Ruby. It follows the same storyline as the original and others of the series. New kid in town, get starter pokemon from the professor, leave town, go on an adventure to collect gym badges, fight an evil team to stop their plans of doing something bad with pokemon, call your mom cause she’s worried, and fight the Pokemon League. You know, the same old stuff game after game but it’s still cool.


With the remake, the developers added new features that were introduced in X/Y into ORAS. I personally ignored those features in X/Y thus I have ignored them in ORAS. Fellow reviewer Erin has talked about them in her Alpha Sapphire review.


There was one thing I was glad they got rid of that was in X/Y. The rollerblades. I hated those things. Luckily, they weren’t in ORAS and we were just stuck with the running shoes. Oh, let’s talk about chairs. I’m not sure if sitting in chairs were introduced in X/Y but HOLY CRAP I WAS EXCITED ABOUT IT IN OMEGA RUBY. Erin and I were on skype when this went down. I ran up to a chair and I swiveled onto it. I was more excited about chairs and Erin was more excited about Wonder Trade (she talks about it in the AS review).


Wonder Trade allows you to trade pokemon with other players across the world. It’s pretty neat but be careful about trading. You might get a less than desirable pokemon.


Let me mention the sneaking feature in the game. It sucks. Well, to me anyway. Sometimes a pokemon peeks out of the grass and to sneak up to it you have tilt the circle pad carefully to slowly walk up to it. Apparently sneaking allows you to fight and catch a pokemon with rare moves. I did it once and I was not impressed. Neat idea but not the best.


Another feature that was added is the soaring feature. Once you caught Latias or Latios and after your fight with Kyogre/Groudon, you get the Eon Flute, which allows you to soar. Soaring takes you above the map and you fly all over, finding secret places to find Legendary Pokemon in. Soaring is kind of hard to maneuver. If you go too fast, you’ll miss the place you want to find.


One thing that really got on my nerves was not being able to save before certain events. The one event that I really wanted to save but couldn’t was after the Rayquaza fight that led up to the Deoxys fight. You can’t save between battles. You should have been able to but NOPE. Just hope that you bought enough revives and hyper potions and ultra balls to catch Deoxys otherwise you’ll be like me and panic, using your only master ball.


Pokemon Omega Ruby is a great game to play to relive your childhood. I’m going to be wasting my life away catching all the Legendaries (minus the first generation because they ain’t there bro). All of them… Goodbye life…


 Pokemon Omega Ruby




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