Lumino City Review

Lumino City is the long awaited sequel to the exceptionally short Lume. Bringing in a unique style of visuals, the game is likely to make you think very hard to figure out what to do.


After playing Lume I was wanting more. The title was extremely short and left off with a message saying there was more to come. After all this time, we finally have Lumino City. When I first saw it appear on Steam I knew I needed to play it to find out what happens next. Prepare to set off on a grand adventure filled with a lot of puzzles!

The puzzles in the game are challenging, and sometimes the game hardly gives you any hint as to what you need to do. Sometimes, it becomes hard to even figure out where you can go to get an item you need to even proceed! Don’t worry though – there’s a handy-dandy solution book you carry around with you the entire game that has the solution to basically every single puzzle in the game. Of course, to find the solutions you’ll need to do a bit of math, but what do you expect with basically a cheat book?

There are definitely times, as mentioned, where knowing where you can go is hard to actually figure out. Some places won’t recognize you trying to move to where you know you need to go unless you move to another part of the screen. LuminoCityScreenshots_Crane1This can get slightly aggravating, especially when you end up going back and forth a lot just trying to figure out where to go.

While the game isn’t completely glitch-free, the developers are actively working to fix them. During my time playing I encountered a game-breaking glitch that completely prevented me from proceeding. After taking a small break from it to wait for it to be fixed, it finally was. I had also sent in a bug report on this and was told that they had fixed it the night before (which I hadn’t seen yet as I hadn’t checked my Steam yet). I’ve still noticed some minor ones (such as slightly glitchy movement, though you still end up at your destination), none of them have been completely game breaking other than the now-fixed one I encountered.

The art style of Lumino City is absolutely charming. Everything was completely hand-made and it definitely gives off that very artsy vibe. Where Lume had impressed me in this department, Lumino City impressed me even more. Granted, this adds some of the “wait I could actually go there” value as mentioned before but it is overall very charming. The several years that went into making this game definitely show!

Lumino City will keep you thinking as you traverse through the land to find your Grandad. While of course if you get completely stuck (which is very likely) you could pull out your Handy Book to get the answers, there’s always that satisfaction of figuring it out yourself. The art style is, as mentioned, very charming and definitely makes you go “wow” when you realize it was all hand-made. It’s a game that I would suggest to folks who are a fan of artsy-style games or just puzzle titles in general, or even to point-and-click adventure fans!


Lumino City Review Score


I would like to thank State of Play for providing the copy of this game used for review.

Lumino City is available now on Steam.

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