Sam & Max The Devil’s Playhouse Episode 2 Thoughts & “Review”

So I mentioned in my World Gone Sour review that PSN recently had a .99 sale. In that sale, I also picked up the bundle of the Sam & Max The Devil’s Playhouse titles. Having previously played Back to the Future from TellTale Games, I was hopeful. I also picked up Tales of Monkey Island and felt those had a good pace.

While I’m actually going to withhold giving a full review score until I play the other 3 games in this set, I wanted to give my thoughts and a somewhat review. After having played two other sets of titles from TellTale Games I was somewhat hopeful. Episode 1 wasn’t terribly bad, but I really don’t know what they did in Episode 2.

The pacing in this title felt absolutely horrible and it felt I spent somewhere along the lines of 5 hours playing it (it took me around 2). There was so much back and forth and just minor dialog options to continue the story that it was just a constant drain on my will to play. Because of how much jumping around there was, my motivation to actually care and listen to the story was around 0, which led to skipping pretty much all of the dialog just so I could be done.

If I were to give a score for only this title it wouldn’t be a great score at all. However, as I said, I’m going to reserve judgment for this bundle until I play the other 3 in the series. Thankfully, judging by the lists of trophies on PSN Profiles, the other 3 have a much higher average and might be more enjoyable.

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