Initial Thoughts: Last Rebellion

So while I was out shopping recently I decided to pick this game up at GameStop for about $7. Going in to it, I had heard some decent things about it. However… Apparently I didn’t look in the right places.

Thus far I’ve played around 2 hours of Last Rebellion. About an hour and 45 minutes of that has been tutorials and trying to understand them. The story thus far is very laughable and just not memorable in the slightest. The battles look like someone vomited all over the place with text.

So far in the story I have seen a brother betray his family, a king die, and the main character “die.” I have found out that my main character has now “come back to life” but he shares a soul with this female character. Oh you know, there totally won’t be a kind of romance between them in the future. Nope, no way!

As I mentioned, the battles really looked like someone vomited text everywhere. You have to go through about 50 pages of menus every single turn for both characters AND go and watch millions of years of animations I have yet to find a way to skip.

Overall I’m very unimpressed by this game. I’m currently already on a break after apparently going into a place I probably shouldn’t have because I was struggling through battles and died. I will, though, push forward and get through it to give my full thoughts on the game.

Initial Impressions of Last Rebellion


About Last Rebellion

System: PlayStation 3


Genre: JRPG

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  1. i remember seeing a review of this game in a french video newspaper, and yeah, it wasnt tender with this game:p now i understand you can be disappointed with it 🙂

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