Sam & Max The Devil’s Playhouse Review

Part of the recent $0.99 sale on PSN I picked up this series of games and have finally had a chance to play through all of them. Darn delays caused by this thing called going out of the country for a week and a half… Anyways!

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I can’t comment much on the story – I tried to care some during the first episode but I just couldn’t get into it and just started skipping everything to get through it and then the other 4 parts I just instantly started skipping everything. Yes, it ended up being a case of “I paid for this, I’m going to get my trophies from all of them.” I’m sure for folks who are fans of Sam & Max they would’ve found it quite enjoyable, but I just couldn’t get into the humor in it.

Gameplay wise, it’s your typical puzzle-adventure game, especially the ones done by Telltale. Go here, choose this, use this, you get the point here. One thing that kept throwing me off though, after having played Back to the Future and Tales of Monkey Island, is that the controls felt slightly different. I don’t know how to explain it, but they definitely felt slightly different to me.

Overall though, these were a nice quick play except for episode 2, and have made a nice addition onto my trophy list, even if they are “easy” trophies. I say except episode 2 because that one felt like it just dragged on and on. There was also one particular trophy in episode 5 that literally took me 40 minutes to do because of how particular it was. In any case…

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