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Have you ever wanted to live the life of a socket? Ever wanted to know what it is like to be a plug? Then boy do I have the game for you! Welcome to Plug & Play.

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With thanks to the Eye Candy 4 Weekly Humble Bundle (and a friend for getting me it), I was able to play Plug & Play, a game I’ve been interested in for a bit now. Plug & Play is an extremely short game that asks you to run, plug, push, and love. When they say love, they mean it. I will put in the warning now that the game does contain some graphic images.

The concept of Plug & Play is simple – you perform some basic interactions with plugs who fall in love. When I say fall in love, I mean it. You will spend 15 minutes (or so) changing between animations of typical plugs – wall sockets and corded ones – to that of humans with plugs for a head. The humans will, well, plug into each other. I don’t think I need to explain the details for that.

Considering there is only around 15 minutes of it, the animation in Plug & Play is quite good. Sometimes the responsiveness can be a bit shaky, and at some points it will move a tad too slow. This will cause certain scenes to drag on a bit, making you really want to just move on from that section. With the game being only 15 minutes long, the fact some sections still feel like they drag on too long isn’t exactly a good thing. The slow sections really work to kill the pacing of the game.

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The art style is extremely basic in Plug & Play. The only colours in the game are black and white, and the art all looks hand drawn. You do need to be careful at times, as depending on what you do, the game could start to need to earn a seizure warning. The flashing between white and black can get to be a bit harsh on the eyes. Luckily, the game really isn’t that long!

You may have noticed by now that I keep referencing the length of Plug & Play. Some other games I’ve played that were this length are typically free or cost less than $1. The base price on Plug & Play is $3. Sure, it states right on the store page that the game is only 10-15 minutes long, but that doesn’t excuse how overpriced it is for the length. Yes there is a fair bit of animation present, but considering the length and general lack of replayability, it is still overpriced I feel.

Do I recommend Plug & Play? It’s hard to say. It’s definitely one of those games you want to try and get on sale. I also suggest that you only play this if you don’t mind adult humour. There are sections of definite adult humour when you have the adults plugging into each other. If you don’t mind the adult humour though, you will get quite a few laughs out of the game. So unless you can find it on sale, it’s hard for me to recommend Plug & Play at it’s full price.

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The game really is far too short for the price, and there are some parts that should come with a seizure warning.

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