Aviary Attorney Review

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be a bird in 1800s France? To be a bird lawyer? To solve cases? To save innocents from being accused of crimes they didn’t commit? Welcome to Aviary Attorney.

AAlogoI would like to thank fellow reviewer Erin for pointing this game out to me. I thoroughly enjoy the Phoenix Wright series and anything that is 1800s.

Aviary Attorney takes place in France during the 1800s. You are Jayjay Falcon, lawyer of the Aviary Attorney firm, and along for the ride your assistant Sparrowson. Both of you will take on cases that fall into your lap and you both must do your best to bring the truth the light. That is better said than done. Oh, everyone is an animal. SO COOL!

AApshawThe gameplay is very similar to that of Phoenix Wright. You have an overworld map showing you the places you can visit and a brief description of each place. Unfortunately, you can only visit one place each day. Travelling was hard in the 1800s as it would take hours to get somewhere. You also have your evidence folder, a wallet, and a Face Book. Yes, a Face Book. It is just shows you the profiles of everyone you have met in each case. You earn money which is kept in your wallet and you can use it to buy items or either to pay off people or bribe them. The evidence folder just holds the evidence you’ve found.

Throughout the course of the game I realized… I am a terrible lawyer. After the events of the first case, I was blown away by what just happened. Did I… really do that? What have I done? The game molds itself to how you play the game. So even if I have all the pieces to point out who really did the crime, I have no way of connecting it to the guilty party without making a fool of myself. This will cause you go back to the beginning of the case to seek proper justice.

AAcourtroomYou can go back to a previous day on the title screen if you need to. I have done this numerous times since I did some bad planning and screwed things up. Saving can be done by saving and quitting and with starting a new day after you have visited a place on the map.

The graphics of the game are absolutely stunning! The game even points out that the artwork is based on J.J. Grandville’s work. The music is great too. It sets in the right mood while you walk the streets and try to solve cases in the courtroom.

AAhisnameThe cast of characters are just too good. There is never a dull moment in this game. I have found Sparrowson to be my favorite as I can see a bit of myself in him.

Aviary Attorney is a great game to get into if you enjoy the Phoenix Wright series or murder mysteries in general. There are only three full cases as of now but they will leave your jaw dropping at the end of each of them. But with the price tag of $15 and with the game not being fully finished, that is a bit steep and I would wait for a sale. Overall, Aviary Attorney is a great game to solve murder and get some laughs.

Aviary Attorney

4 / 5

I am a terrible lawyer… I could save no one… All the bad guys got away… At least I can try again…
                       Thanks to Sketchy Logics Games for providing us with a copy!

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