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After Viktor is crowned as the new king of Abakam, his brother Viper isn’t very pleased. Set out on a journey to stop Viper before he rules over the entire world.

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I’m not really sure what to say about the plot of Last Heroes. It starts out as a mess and never really moves from being a mess. You are introduced to our party members one at a time as they each go through a dungeon to find or do something or another. They finally all meet up and then have to go try and collect four relics before Viper does. These four relics have the power to give their wielder immense power.

Last Heroes is about as basic of an RPGMaker as you can get. Even looking beyond the default assets, all of the dungeons are straightforward, there’s no sidequests, and it is fairly short. The story is a mess of constant “Let’s return to the castle!” to progress forward, and by the end of the 3-5 hour experience, you’ll be quite sick of going back to that darn castle.

Despite how often you go into dungeons, there really aren’t that many of them. The reason? You go to most of the dungeons twice. Once earlier in the game as a character, “introducing” them or doing some other sort of plot element, and then later on when you go for the relics. This really makes it feel like a drag, especially since the chests seem somewhat oddly programmed. Most of the chests will refill when you make the return trip, but then you’ll see the random open chests from your first time through. I’m not sure what happens if you just ignored those chests the first time either, since I had opened them all.

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Another thing that causes the dungeons to really feel like they just drag on is the fact each dungeon only has 2 types of enemies. Enemies also do not respawn at all, so each time you go through a dungeon for a story point, the enemies that are there are all that you can fight in that area. They do respawn when you go back through areas for the “later” story point at least, but since there is no respawning, those who wish to try and grind do not have the option to do so. It’s a bit unfortunate too, since some enemies have stat increasing orbs you could want to farm. The good news is that you can beat the game just fine with abusing certain skills and fighting all that you see.

There are some skills that really do cheese out the combat system. For the first while, just using the abilities your Knight has that Poison and Blind will carry you through the fights. Also using the Thief’s buff and debuff abilities are always useful, especially the defense down and attack up spells. Once you get later in the game, your Knight will gain access to a Paralysis attack… and said Paralysis attack works on every boss, including the final boss.Your Magician and the King are your nukers – they can cast spells that will do a decent amount of damage. Your best damage comes out of the Knight, however, especially if you can do the combination of defense down, attack up, and triple attack.

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I’m not quite sure why I expect otherwise anymore, but Last Heroes features numerous spelling and grammar errors. This is prominent within both the regular script of the game and in battles. From “strenght” to “kepp” to “losking”, you may cringe a bit on the inside seeing these. In battles, casting Fire or Blizzard III will result in the game saying that Fire/Blizzard II was cast, though it will at least do the correct damage for what you cast.

Last Heroes really doesn’t have much to write home about. The music is your typical default RPGMaker music (as are the sprites), and sometimes just doesn’t feel like it fits the mood. The ending leaves a bit of a cliffhanger and manages to leave you a bit unfulfilled. If this game does end up getting a sequel, I’m not really sure I’d feel like playing it. As it is, I can’t really recommend Last Heroes to anyone, unless you’re really looking for a short and fairly easy RPGMaker game. Even then, there’s better out there that fill those requirements, leaving Last Heroes without much going for it at all.

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  1. I agree with everything you said. This game is one of the worst RPG Maker games I have played in years and to make matters worse, I played its sequels and let me say before you or even anyone who reads this review consider playing it: DON’T. The sequels doesn’t get better, actually it gets worse, the same events happens all the time, you go to a dungeon, go back to castle-city, then go back to the dungeon and later go back to the castle-city. The developer of this game should be ashamed to actually charge for products like this since there are far more elaborated RPG Maker games that are cheaper, not only that, but there are far more elaborated RPG Maker games who are FREE! And as a lover of the genre (games made with RPG Maker) and also a supporter of this kinds of game to get on Steam, this really stains the product making it difficult to games made with this engine make it to Steam.

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