Spirits Review

We all remember Lemmings, right? We all remember the frustration of never being able to actually get all of them to the end? Well, it’s back in a new skin! Meet Spirits. Because it is literally Lemmings.


Well, okay, Spirits does add something to the mix… wind. Wind which seems to add in some RNG. This likes to make your little Spirits go exactly the way you don’t want them to go. We definitely needed more frustration in Lemmings, that’s for sure!

The levels start out simple but quickly start to ramp up the difficulty as more abilities are added. You need to guide X amount of Spirits to the swirling portal out of a total of Y that will appear. They march very slowly… though sometimes it feels like they move too fast. Even with using the speedup button, especially once you’ve already got a “working” solution in place, they still seem to move too slow.

Spirits is pretty much completely mouse controlled. To issue orders to a Spirit, you have to click on them and select the right option and the direction. Unless you pause the game, only the clicked Spirit will stop moving – the rest will continue to march onwards to their death. So either you issue the order quick (and even then, some will still just jump over/ignore it) or pause the game.

If you want to give Spirits a go, listen to the music for a little and then just mute it. The same basic songs play for the entire thing and they get old pretty fast. But hey, at least the game looks fairly pretty!

Spirits Gameplay

If you want to play actual Lemmings, go play Lemmings. If you want to play Lemmings with randomness added from the wind then go ahead and pick up Spirits. But if you do, don’t get it at full price, wait for a sale. It is definitely not worth the regular asking price of the game.

Spirits Review Score


It’s Lemmings with randomness, as said. If you really want to play it then go pick it up, otherwise really just go play actual Lemmings.

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