Platinum Log: My Singing Monsters (100%)

After I finished my review for this game, I decided I was going to stick around and try to 100% it. This proved to be an extremely long and tedious process with everything being based off a real-life timer. However here I am, 2 months (and one week) after I initially started the game with the 100%.

For my thoughts on My Singing Monsters, please check my review. This is an overview of my thoughts on the road to 100%’ing this game.

Almost the entirety of the trophy list of My Singing Monsters revolves around getting each of the islands and getting all of the monsters for that island. Well, by all of them they really mean all of the “natural” ones there. This will, without a doubt, be the longest part of the 100% for you – I know it was for me! In fact, the last trophy I got was the all Earth Island monsters and it was around when I had gotten to the point of “I just want to 100% this so I can be done…”


Literally every single other trophy except for two will come as you’re trying to get to that final Earth Island monster (and really, the ONLY Earth Island specific monster). Even then, the two that won’t come “naturally” will probably end up happening along the way anyways. These two particular trophies are the reach level 10 and 15 ones, though perhaps the 100% happiness trophy could be counted in here as well.

While I was working my way on saving coins trying to get my creatures, I was just constantly making food. Typically this was either donuts or ice cream, and through this process I was able to push several monsters over level 10 and then ended up with a couple at 15 anyways.

For 100% happiness, you need to place things that monster “likes” near them. This will increase their coin gathering rate, so it’s pretty much something you want to do anyways to help with getting to Earth Island. While the game reveals a few things each monster likes, I’d suggest consulting the My Singing Monsters wiki for a more “complete” list of items.

In the end, My Singing Monsters isn’t really a “hard” 100% to get, it’s just really time consuming. I probably would have gotten it faster, but I went on several mini-breaks while playing it before I really cracked down and was like okay, let’s do this. It just feels great to actually have it done though.


My Singing Monsters Trophy Difficulty


It’s just time consuming.

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