Initial Thoughts: Melody’s Escape

Melody’s Escape is yet another rhythm game title in the growing list of them on Steam. While still in Early Access, it shows some decent promise.


You take the role of Melody as she walks, runs, jumps, and flies through your music collection. Earn points from making combos, but if you mess up you are blocked from doing anything for awhile! There’s no actual “fail” condition for a song, so if you just wanted to listen to your music while playing a game this is definitely an option.

You have several difficulties to choose from, though so far I’ve only played it on Medium. The higher options add in more difficulty – Intense makes sure you have to switch between buttons and directions for hitting notes, and Overload just ups it even more. Of course, you could always set your own rules or just let the computer play through songs for you too!

So far the note recognition is fairly good but not perfect. There have been a lot of times during songs where I’ll question where slides have been placed and what not. It’s gradually been improved but still needs a lot of work. There are also several occasions of “why was this note even placed here to be hit?” Perhaps I’ve just been spoiled by the likes of Beat Hazard and Audiosurf, but it just feels… odd.

Melody’s Escape definitely shows promise though, and I’ll be sure to keep an eye on it as it (hopefully) eventually comes out of Early Access. I’d love to see global leaderboards added into the game, as it seems like something that would be a fantastic comparison tool.


Initial Thoughts on Melody’s Escape

Shows promise but still needs a fair bit of work

About Melody’s Escape

  • Platform: Steam

  • Genre: Rhythm

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