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Home is a horror adventure game that has a sort of “choose your own adventure” style. You are thrown into a murder plot and no two playthroughs will likely ever be the same. That, folks, is Home.


While Home isn’t the most visually appealing game out there, it doesn’t matter – the graphics are still able to tell a gut wrenching story that will have you wanting to find out the truth. Each and every one of your choices will affect how the game plays out. Do you take this item or do you not? What is the truth behind what happened?

Upon seeing the credits start to roll, I was left in a state of “What really just happened?” I thought I had figured some stuff out early on, just based off some things that were being said, but I never did. Yet, at the same time, I feel like I figured stuff out. That’s what Home does.

It’s suggested you play Home with headphones and with the lights off. While I didn’t turn off the lights, I did opt for the headphones. I’m glad I did – it seriously helped set the mood of the game. I definitely jumped a few times from the sounds, and just felt myself wanting to see more and more – though I’m a bit sad I apparently missed some plot elements!

Home also suggests that you set aside an hour and a half to play the game in a single sitting, even though it does auto save. I highly suggest playing it in a single sitting, though you probably won’t need that long – maybe closer to an hour. While I did miss some stuff, I don’t think I missed 40 minutes worth of content (my completion time was somewhere around 50 minutes).

I was sad to see that there are some typos in this game, though they are at least somewhat few and far between. At first what I thought was typos in the dialogue turned out to be just how the story was being told. A bit later though, I did find some real typos though they were mostly in the form of a missing word or an extra word (one such case had two ands, another had a missing I).

My only other complaint would be the lack of explanation as to controls. Also the fact WASD doesn’t work for keyboard controls, sticking me in an awkward position using both my mouse and arrow keys on my laptop. You can completely control the game with mouse however, though the controls feel a lot more awkward. With the games release on PlayStation 4 and Vita, I can’t speak to how those are but perhaps I may just find myself eyeing that Vita release and picking it up sometime…


Considering I got this from a Humble Bundle for $1, I’d say I got my money’s worth. That said, I would still say it’s worth the normal price of $3. You’ll likely find yourself going back to play it again, this time to maybe make different choices and see what happens. I know I’ll probably be going back at some point! Though I may wait a bit, so that it at least isn’t as fresh in my mind.

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