Without Within Review

Without Within is a short, free-to-play visual novel that follows a day in the life of Vinty.


Meet Vinty, an aspiring calligrapher. You start out in a dream where she’s a world-famous calligrapher and soon get awoken to the real world. The truth is, she’s actually a starving calligrapher who barely makes her rent and isn’t able to sell any of her work. People just ignore her on the streets, and those who don’t just want to make fun of her.

Despite its shortness (I only took around 15 minutes to get through it with the good ending), the story is pretty involved. It definitely left me wanting to see more about this character, and to play through the Visual Novel mentioned in the game. There’ll be several choices throughout that will change the course of the game. While I haven’t done these yet, I’m thinking of going back in to try and find out what happens if I make a few different choices.

The game, especially for being free, actually looks pretty good. And should you ever need it, even though it’s pretty short in length, there’s an option to quick save and quit out.

Though my time with Without Within was short, it really did leave me wanting more. I do want to find out more about this character. The developer has mentioned that they’d like to do more with this story, however they’re also currently working on another project. So it’ll just be a test to wait and see what happens and if we’ll be finding out more.

If you’re looking for a way to pass a quick 15 or so minutes then check out Without Within. This is especially true if you’re already a fan of Visual Novels. The price tag is also just right, so what are you waiting for? Go check it out!

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