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The Interview is a game featuring Adam, a man going for his dream job. How will you answer the questions presented to you?


Okay, no, who am I kidding. You are lead into The Interview THINKING you are going for a job interview. What you’re really going into is an interrogation for murder. Adam is right on his way to an asylum, and nothing you say in this “interview” will change that. Literally nothing. You’re presented with choices but they have absolutely 0 impact on the outcome.

The voice acting is an absolute joke, if one could even call it that. The “voices” are actually just things like Microsoft Sam and that voice from emergency weather alert announcements. They sound as awful as one would expect, and bring me back to the dark days of hearing Microsoft Sam as I wrote stuff in Word.

The controls are pretty awful as well. The cursor doesn’t stay static in the middle of the screen. It will stay static in whatever place it just happened to end up when you got control in a screen. There’s one point where you have to move through a fairly sizeable area and your character moves like he’s going through molasses it’s that slow.

The Interview also has a point where you are shown pretty graphic images. Several points, in fact. Some are ACTUAL CLIPS not in-game created things. There is some nasty stuff shown here with absolutely NO warning on the game page at all. Not for the faint of heart at all- I think I still feel a bit queasy from those images. Yeah, I get that your character committed several murders but there needs to be a graphic images warning on the game page.

Avoid The Interview like the plague. Do it for your own sanity. I was gifted it and decided to play through it. Those 12 minutes I spent on the game were painful. Oh also? There’s no easy way to quit out until you beat it, unless you force close it. There’s no in-game method to close it.

So really. Just avoid this game. There’s much better games out there for this price point or less.

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