Tennis in the Face Review

A tennis player is out for revenge against his sponsor who has taken over the world. Just an average day, right?


Tennis in the Face is, in some ways, similar to Angry Birds. You’ll be aiming to take out all the enemies in as few shots as you can. However, unlike Angry Birds (or at least the little I’ve played of Angry Birds), the shots can bounce all over the place.

The story is absolutely ridiculous – it really is a tennis player out for revenge against his sponsor. Everyone has become addicted to the drinks of his sponsor and they are out to stop him from making it to the end. Said tennis player had stopped playing and was just drinking the stuff and ended up getting fat off them which upset him, hence the revenge.

The game starts out easy enough though quickly picks up the difficulty. Throughout all the levels it feels all over for difficulty though. Some levels you’ll solve simply through sheer luck, others you’ll easily see what you need to do. You have a limited number of shots you can make, and they are usually tennis balls. Sometimes you’ll have a can of Explodz screen_04(the drink from the sponsor) you can hit which will explode a bit after landing.

Within the levels, there’ll sometimes be special objects to either just get in your way or stop your shot completely. Glass is the main thing you’ll encounter that just stops your shots completely, however there are also special blocks that can do this as well. At least with the blocks they can fall on heads or start a chain reaction depending on how they hit. There are also vending machines which will cause your shot to bounce off them, and in later levels there can be things like briefcases to get some extra points.

Tennis in the Face is a nice diversion for small periods of time. Well, if you really really like this sort of game you could probably plow through it easily. Trophy hunters will be happy as well, as only a couple of trophies are a bit tricky to get but really aren’t that bad overall – and, on top of that, it’s a cross-buy title with a different list for each version. The game itself is enjoyable though, and some levels will really make you think and just do a lot of testing of different shots to get something that works.

Tennis in the Face Review Score


Tennis in the Face is available for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and PlayStation Vita.

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