Puzzle Agent (PS3 Version) Review

There’s an eraser shortage and you need to get to the bottom of why! Welcome to Puzzle Agent.


I’m all too familiar with Puzzle Agent on PC – I have somewhere around 37 hours clocked into it from speedrunning it. So when I saw that the PS3 version was on sale for about .80 I snapped it up. It’s exactly the same core game, however some… issues… arise from not being on PC.

The controls in the PS3 version are absolutely atrocious. Perhaps I’m overly biased towards the PC version at this point, but good luck trying to control it at all. Some puzzles are okay, but any puzzle you need to move multiple pieces around… just forget about it. The cursor goes everywhere except where you want it to go. Well, okay, it does this everywhere, but it’s most noticeable when you’re in a puzzle with multiple pieces that tend to be on top of each other.

ss_3443dd1ad6e2a3524686e4f0384477e8484b5300.1920x1080The PS3 version also feels a bit laggy. Any time a trophy comes up, the game will freeze for around 30 seconds before it recognizes that oh hey… I’m supposed to be working here. It also feels like it lags when it comes to trying to choose options, but perhaps that is me just trying to be too fast for the game.

I guess if there’s anything this version has over PC, it’s that it has trophies. Yeah, that’s not really saying much for its case, but it’s something! The trophies aren’t too difficult, though you’ll want to have a guide handy. You’ll also want to be patient with it, since sometimes if you’re trying to be too fast to choose “Send” it can mess up the puzzle.

So really, I think I can see why I’d hardly heard of the PS3 version – it’s awful. If you want to play the game – and it’s a good game – just play it on PC. Really, just get the PC version and avoid the PS3 version like the plague.

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