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Samorost 2 is the sequel to a browser flash player game. The idea of the game is simple – you are this weird looking guy and your dog gets kidnapped by these other weirder looking guys, well, “aliens.” You follow them in your spaceship and click your way through puzzles to rescue your dog.

As a fan of puzzle games, this interested me when I saw it on the Humble Store for $1.24. I decided to give it a try and well… I hate pulling up walkthroughs for puzzle games, but some of those later puzzles were somewhat annoying in how they worked. The sales pitch for this was that it was easy and good for all ages. As I said, I’m a fan of puzzle games, and if this is supposed to be for “all ages” I feel like I really shouldn’t have had to pull up a walkthrough.

To give an example, one of the last puzzles involved you to fill this balloon with “air” (we’ll just go with air). To do this, you had to feed these space seals this food to provide the “air.” You then had to bring this balloon over to a machine and then time it right to fill a vehicle with “gas.” This whole thing involved quite a bit of finicky timing and, if you failed to fill the vehicle right or on time, you had to repeat the whole process.

Graphically the game looks great – especially since it’s a 2005 title. The music and sound effects are minimalistic but that isn’t a bad thing. There was one point though where I genuinely worried about the graphics – another puzzle had you retrieve these items for this guy. The face on the guy was an actual face pasted onto the body. It just looked completely out of place.

Overall, Samurost 2 is a short little title that shouldn’t take you more than an hour to beat. Don’t be surprised if you have to pull up a walkthrough for the later levels though! I enjoyed it for the first half but when the puzzles started becoming more about good timing than problem solving I started getting a little annoyed. This is mainly because it meant my thought process of trying to figure it out got even more limited.

Samurost 2 Review Score


Pretty but some major annoyances later killed it for me. Also that pasted on random face.

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