Electroplankton Rec-Rec Review


So on the list of random purchases lately, this definitely tops it. I had 150 coins about to expire on Club Nintendo and since they recently just refreshed their list, I decided to pick this up. This was also partly due to Augora picking up the other 150 coin game that was added – Kirby’s Dream Land.

The entire basis of the game is you can use your voice or various sound effects and “mix” them with a rhythm. You can speed up or slow down how fast it goes, and you add in the sounds by tapping one of the fish swimming across the screen. Doing this, you can put up to four different effects in. You can also change the “rhythm” though this is a lot less notable.

For being a completely random purchase with hardly any idea what I was getting into, I can’t really say I was disappointed. However, I was hoping there would be a little more to it. You have the option of only two game modes – one has pre-set sound effects that will loop in eventually, while the other is completely up to you. The one with pre-sets will still allow you to put your own in to mix them in.

As I was saying though, I can’t really say I was disappointed. Since the coins I used for the title would’ve vanished anyways, it wasn’t really too much of a waste. As said though, it would’ve been nice if there had been a little more to it. Being able to mix your own effects in with limited options can get interesting, but only if it’s not too limited.

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