Hatoful Boyfriend Review

So you want to date a bird? Yes, a bird. It’s not that bad. Even though you are the only human at St. Pigeonation. Well it is now time TO DATE ALL THE BIRDS!!!

Hatoful-Boyfriend-Logo_1402053849This has to be the weirdest dating sim that I have played but it is excellent. Hatoful Boyfriend is set in some weird storyline where birds are on par with humans in terms of functioning as one. They never really explained the backstory in the game so one can only guess what the heck happened to allowed pigeons to talk and hold jobs like humans.

hatoful4But nevermind that, Hatoful Boyfriend takes place at the fictional school St. Pigeonation where you are the only human there. Like legit, only human. And like every dating sim, you have an array of options of who to date. Just don’t date Shuu, the school doctor. He is creepy and I have heard… He wants you dead. For science…

welpthanksbirdThe game is extremely short. I went the Kazuaki route and before I could get an emotional attached to the story, it was over. I was a bit sad but at the rate the game was going, I had a feeling the game was going to be short.

The game is clearly a parody of dating sims in general and I freakin’ love it! It is great. Who dates birds? This girl! I wanted to know the hype of the game and I understand why. You are dating talking birds!

okosanstillabirdThere isn’t much else to talk about in this game. It functions as a regular dating sim. Find a suitor that you gravitate to and follow that dating route. This game has three things to level up: wisdom, vitality, and charm. So far I haven’t figured why they start you out on 800 vitality but whatever.

Hatoful Boyfriend is great, funny game to play. Sadly the game is short and I couldn’t get as invested in it as I wanted to. But I definitely recommend game to anyone, dating sim lovers and ones who don’t care for them.

Hatoful Boyfriend


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