4PM is a bit of an experimental adventure game. You play as Caroline, a woman with just a bit of a drinking problem.


When I say “just a bit” I mean a “very serious” drinking problem. Caroline Wells, your main character, wakes up this day with a serious hangover. You find out that you are late for work and you’ve got a big report due. Your boss is… a bit of a jerk as well. This becomes even more present when Caroline tries to sneak out to (you guessed it) go get a drink. When she does this, a whole plot is revealed to you and then… it’s over.

Yeah, 4PM is short to say the least. Even with horribly failing to “sneak out” for probably 10 minutes, my time still only clocked in a 37 minutes. You can even “chapter select” (select a time) should you choose, though the only way to experience the whole thing is to start from the beginning.

4PM doesn’t really control the greatest. Your primary objective is to head towards the half-filled circle objects which will proceed the plot. At the end, you’ll have to make some decisions on what you say by pointing at and selecting certain weird. Unfortunately, while this is all great and such, the hitboxes (mainly on selecting items that have the half-filled circle) are… a bit bad.

While the graphics are somewhat decent, some points I was a bit “what?” when I looked around. Particularly when you’re riding in the taxi going to work. Just don’t look down… because you’ll find out that you are somehow floating over the seat, with just your feet touching it! Great perspective there, must say (yes, total sarcasm).

Unfortunately, 4PM really does end right when it seems the plot is getting good. You find out some huge reveals about you and this other worker in your building, go to call your mom and then it’s over. It ends just like that. Perhaps I missed something in the plot, but… why was I calling my mom? That really makes me feel like I DID miss something, but alas. It’s not like I’m in a big hurry to replay it, not when the “sneaking out of the office” section exists. If I have to hear my boss tell me “YOU’RE FIRED” one more time because I got caught in a dumb spot…


Do I suggest it? That’s really hard to say. The game is EXTREMELY short. Sure, there’s some heavy plot elements that are dealt with (such as the drinking problem), but it just ends far too soon. The store page says this is the first in a series though, so we’ll just have to see I suppose… However, for now, it’s really hard for me to say if I suggest 4PM or not.

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