Final Fantasy V Four Job Fiesta Part 2–End of World 1

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When we last left off I had just received my Fire job, the Geomancer. Now, as someone who is fairly inexperienced at Final Fantasy V, I thought this was going to add another layer of challenge to the Four Job Fiesta for me. Well, it turns out some of my challenge in this section came from other sources!

Following getting the Fire job, the next major boss is Ifrit in the Library of the Ancients. Now, silly me ended up dying oh… three or four times to him before I was finally nudged towards, “Why don’t you have Ice 2? You could’ve bought it already!” Yeah… Bought Ice 2, beat him first try. Tried to abuse a particular attack the Geomancer got here to Confuse Ifrit too, even though the attack itself healed him (for very little). Byblos wasn’t really too much of an issue thanks to Fire 2 and Will o’ the Wisp (the Geomancer attack I was getting here).

After a bit of story, getting a ship, losing a ship, and a chocobo choking on some crystal shards, I’m back at the Library of the Ancient. This time, though, I’m heading west into the desert. Now, the boss here, Sandworm, you know you aren’t supposed to use magic. Well, silly me decided, “Hey! I know! I’ll use the Geomancer skill!” Yeah… It kept hitting the holes and getting me Demi’d. It wasn’t pretty. Sandworm went down once I stopped being dumb and using an ability that did an all attack effect.

The next boss is, as a good friend of mine refers to him as Karl’s Bosses Boss. The Cray Claw was next and while we tried to beat him, I beat him into submission first. Yay, airship! Oh no, floating palace of doom that just so happens to have the Earth crystal!

Instead of going to tackle this right away, I decided to take on a couple extra bosses. Well, they are mainly for gaining new summons, but even though I lack a Summoner this time I figured “Hey, might as well.” Shiva was fairly easy, likely just due to me having done this fight so late. Ramuh was slightly more difficult but still went down. Enough delaying though! Off to the Earth Crystal!

These fights actually proved a bit more difficult than I had anticipated, though the “little” cannon fights all went down first try. There were some close calls though. The main boss, however, did not go down so easily. This, however, was mostly due to me being dumb once again. Instead of taking out the little Launcher buddies he had, I decided that I would just go all out on Soul Gun. Now see, the issue here is that the Launcher will use Missiles which deal half your current HP in damage and cause the Old status. The Old status gradually makes you lose stats (by “losing” levels). Now, that’d be fine and all… But the Soul Gun’s main attack deals half of your max HP and he uses it every 6-7 turns or so.

Several tries later, I got nudged (well, told) towards actually killing the Launchers and I was able to take down this boss. Within the flying palace of doom – hey I know this isn’t the name, but it works – the enemies almost all went down no problem. Well, until the end, where I had to make my escape from one that was just trying to kick my butt.

Archeoaevis wasn’t too much of an issue. Well, at least until the final form. Until the final form I had been abusing Geomancer’s Wind Slash Earth attack (the main one I was getting here), but his final form was immune to nearly all magic. No problem, time to just attack away! Making sure to throw the occasional heal, Archeoaevis also went down, ending the fight with my party at a very healthy 1-5 HP each.

Hey, King Tycoon! What are you doing? No, stop! Oh, whew, Krile has shown up and saved it! Oh wait, nope, the Earth Crystal still shattered and… Oh look, ExDeath is back. Well X-Death since I’m on the PSX version, but same thing. A bunch of cutscenes later and I finally find out my final job…


Man… I really didn’t want to get Chemist. Oh well, at least I’m fairly unknown as to the mix list? I have pulled one up though, but still. Along with gaining the Chemist, I’ve lost Galuf. No! Well, guess that means I get out of using the Chemist for a bit, yay!

Now that I’ve lost Galuf, what better thing to do than to try and reunite with him, right? Of course! Let’s reactivate these meteorites! This is sort of like a boss gauntlet. The Purobolos (Byurobolos) were mainly just annoying in that they kept wanting to revive each other, though I ended up just waiting for them to Self-Destruct. Titan was really easy since I was able to just do a beat down with Stalactite (via Geomancer, which is now on to characters as one mastered it) and keep my HP up for his final attack. The KiaBrain (Chimera Brain) proved a bit more difficult, though on a second try with a bit more planning and a bit more luck on getting Stalactite it went down.

So concludes world 1 of Final Fantasy V. What awaits me on world 2 in my quest to complete the Four Job Fiesta? Who knows! Well okay, Gilgamesh awaits, that’s one thing for sure!

More information on the Final Fantasy V Four Job Fiesta can be found here.

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