FF5FJF – FROG% Chapter 1: To the Wind Crystal!

I covered what Frog% is in a previous post, so I won’t go over it again here.

Oh boy. I’ve been pretty lucky in past fiestas as I’ve gotten strong starting classes. Last year, I got Black Mage, and this year I got White Mage. The former is a good overall job throughout the game, as the ability to break rods is really good, whereas White Mage proves itself useful in the long run, as conventional methods of healing are ALWAYS helpful. For my first (of many, I hope!) Frog% run, I wanted to give myself the best chance possible, so I registered for a random run. (Each time I unlock jobs from a crystal, gilgabot pulls from the ENTIRE pool of jobs to assign, rather than just the jobs that crystal unlocks.)

Will I be lucky for my Frog% run? Only time will tell…

To start things off, I turn the battle speed down because in Final Fantasy V, it only affects enemies. So, in essence, I am giving them fewer attacks. This will definitely help me in the long run.

We fight some goblins, and they go down in one shot each, then we meet Lenna, who is now a frog, and Old Man Galuf, who isn’t a frog quite yet. (But he will be soon!) I introduce myself as Froggi, because it seemed fitting. I grab a hidden Phoenix Down from this area because I have a feeling I’ll need it. Onward!


Oh no! More goblins! No worries, these go down in one shot as well, and soon I’m reunited again with Frogga and Froguf. Nothing exciting at this point. (Though I did learn something interesting. According to the Bestiary, Goblins have 16hp. However, even though I was only dealing 6 damage to them, they died in one hit. Are these fights scripted?)

The steel bats in the cave that follows aren’t too tough. They have 20hp, which just means I have to whack ’em a few times to kill them off. I heal up at the spring and move on.

I realize that Froguf is attacking for 6 damage as well, save for one difference — he attacks twice. I know he is unarmed, so I take both Froggi’s and Frogga’s weapons off. I’m going to have to rely on a lot of workarounds like this.

In this cave, I learn the hard way that Back Attacks can be deadly affairs, as Froguf bites the dust. I decide against using my precious Phoenix Down and drag his carcass around instead, because the Pirate’s Hideout is just ahead! Normally that’d be bad news, but I have insider information that these pirates are actually quite hospitable, and give me free heals. Enter Frogis!

I have the choice here to head up to the Wind Shrine right away, but I opt instead to make a small detour to Tule. (Mostly just for free crap.) Since for right now, I’m doing more damage barehanded than with weapons, I decide to sell my knife and broadsword, and Frogis’ Dagger. Using the money I got from that (as well as what I already had), I bought gear for everyone and saved outside of town. (Note that I also sell Frogis’ shield, as having one equipped prevents her from attacking ‘twice’, as she’s technically not barehanded at that point.) Onward to the Wind Shrine!

Inside, I notice some dudes running around in a panic to my left. Since I’m the hero, I go see if they need any help. But then when they talk, I get bored and forget what they say.

We're freakin' out, man!
We’re freakin’ out, man!

I talk to the others in the room, and the only thing worth my time is the dude to the left of a big jug that I am going to assume is filled with whiskey, because him and the dude on the other side of it are the only ones not FREAKING OUT (and he gives me 5 Potions). After I’ve had my fill with these guys, I leave them to…whatever it is they’re doing and move on.

On the second floor, I get my first encounter here. It’s not so bad! Just some Black Goblins, who only have slightly more hp than their not-lacking-in-hue cousins that I beat up earlier. (They have 20 hp, to be exact.) I hold off on using a Tent at the save point farther up, because Frogis was the only one damaged at that point, and with the extra Potions I got from the drunkard I would have been silly not to just use one.

I have an uneventful trek through the Wind Shrine until I run into the area’s boss… Wing Raptor. Long story short, he made me use every single one of my potions. However, no one died, so I’m counting this as a win!

After a cutscene I gain access to my first job…which is Thief. I’m not sure how I feel about this, but I’m going to go out on a limb here and assume that !Flee will prove itself to be VERY USEFUL.

After switching everyone to Thief, I head back to Tule to rest at the inn. It has been a long day of froggie adventures, and my party could use a rest.


And that’s Chapter 1, folks! Chapter 2 should be up soon!



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  1. The goblins at the beginning are a special kind of goblin that only has 1hp, they don’t show up in the bestiary but they are in fact a different enemy.

    1. If you check the Bestiary immediately after setting your name, there is an entry for Goblin, which is what made me wonder about it. I didn’t know those specific Goblins had only 1hp, though that does technically mean the fights are scripted (unless you choose not to attack for some reason? :P)

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