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When I got this game on a $0.99 sale on PSN I didn’t quite know what to expect. Never having been good at platformers in the past, I expected I would have some issues with that. What ended up happening though is the issues I had with the game weren’t related to my skill, or lack thereof, at this genre – the issues came from how poorly the game is coded.

As a concept, the game is great – you play as a couple of Sour Patch Kids wanting to be eaten. That is interrupted though by being “abandoned” in a garbage bin, never to be eaten. They end up coming to life and going to a journey to find their way into a stomach.

Unfortunately though, the game starts to fall off severely after this. The controls are extremely shoddy, the game just randomly lags, the loading times are TERRIBLE, and the game is somewhat glitchy.

I was fortunate enough to be able to play this game through with a friend of mine who was visiting at the time. While this occasionally lead to some confusion between who was who at times, it helped immensely on helping our lives to last until the very end. Thanks to the controls being not so great, there were definitely times where it would just drop an input and make us fall to a death we most certainly shouldn’t have.

Now, for being a PS3 game, I don’t really expect a game to just randomly start dropping a ton of frames and slowing to a halt as if it were a SNES game. Unfortunately there were many times when the game did so and nearly made it unplayable. Additionally, as I mentioned before, the loading times are absolutely terrible, ESPECIALLY for being a PSN game and not a disc-based title.

Finally, the glitches. The glitches were very noticeable when they happened, and were fairly annoying. There was actually a point in the game where my friend and I were completely barred from progress because we couldn’t grow up to the correct size to open the path. Why? Because the one little follower we needed was glitched and stuck back at the checkpoint. Oftentimes we would see stuff like this, but when it happened and we were actually barred from progress, it was quite frustrating. There was also one point while we were playing that apparently I managed to hit an enemy just right to find a way for the game to fling me way out of bounds and into the skybox.

While this game did provide both my friend and I with many laughs, the frequent glitches were quite frustrating. The shoddy controls also got quite frustrating, especially when it came to trying to make specific jumps or with boss fights what needed you to play in a certain way. With all this in mind, we did somewhat enjoy ourselves, but the enjoyment quickly diminished as we got nearer to the end. With that in mind…

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