The Cat Lady Review

The Cat Lady is a horror adventure game set in a modern-ish setting. You play the role of Susan Ashworth, otherwise known as the Cat Lady.


The Cat Lady isn’t out to get you with jump scares (though I did have a few jumps from some audio cues). The Cat Lady is out to get you in the deep, dark, depressing sense with a LOT of creepy things happening.The game talks a lot about suicide, murder, and so on. I really don’t even suggest trying it if you are someone who is faint of heart.

You will find yourself faced with branching paths, and depending on how you choose certain things will happen. If you manage to do 5 particular events correctly (I won’t say which), you’ll manage to trigger the “True” ending. Unfortunately, I failed one of them and didn’t manage to get this ending. Oh well, the ending was still fairly good though it left the typical unanswered questions of the horror genre. As you’re playing through though, be ready for some typos in the text – they are everywhere, though they’re mainly small grammatical errors.

The Cat Lady is controlled entirely by keyboard, and it works fairly well. There were some points where I was wanting to curse the controls and the game’s handling of them, mainly when Susan would decide to step away from something I needed to use multiple times. Slightly larger hit boxes on items would have been absolutely fantastic.

The voice acting fits the setting – though I don’t ever recall it being mentioned, you can take from the accents that this is meant to be set somewhere in Britain. The music… Wasn’t really that memorable to say the least. Sound effects were spot on, some of them making me actually rip my headphones off just to save my ears from some screaming.


While The Cat Lady is a dark story where you may question your sanity once or twice, it gives a good message in the end. If you can handle it (and I also highly suggest you have someone else with you even then), go ahead and play The Cat Lady. The puzzles will often make you try and think “What am I supposed to do with this? What is the correct solution?”

The Cat Lady Review Score


Controls… Really just the “here I’m going to walk away from what you need to use multiple times.” Also, typos and grammar issues.

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