The Plan Review

Have you ever wanted to be a fly for a day? Well, now you can! Or at least you can for 10 minutes with The Plan.


In The Plan you literally play as a fly who wants to fly higher than ever before. You can hear the sounds of the world around you, but all you can really do is keep flying up. As you fly up, the camera will slowly zoom out to show you more and more of the world around you. What is waiting for you at the end?

The game looks absolutely gorgeous, especially for a free game. The Plan was apparently a small side project for the developers while they were working on Among the Sleep. Sure, while the game is short it hardly looks it. It also hardly sounds it – the music and sound effects are quite good. The music cues in at just the right time as you get a glimpse at what the fly sees to be a vast sky and universe.

The controls are extremely simple. Your mouse has very limited use in this title as it is pretty much entirely played with keyboard. Your arrow keys will be your friends as you guide your little friend to the end.

If you are looking for a short game to pass 10 minutes with, go download and play The Plan now. Seriously, it’s free. A small bonus? You can trigger a way to play as a thing that looks like Navi from The Legend of Zelda! It also gives you an achievement (the only one in the game), so there you go.


The Plan Review Score


It’s simple. It’s pretty. It sounds good. It doesn’t overstay its welcome. It may even make you want to replay it a few times to explore the world more! Would have enjoyed the option for mouse controls, but you can’t have it all right?

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