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So I initially found out about this game through PSN Profiles when it got the trophy list. Being a fan of these casual-type games, I got a bit excited and was eagerly awaiting the release – even if it did jut look like a Zuma clone. Well…

Short version of the review: it’s literally Zuma with a dumb story tacked on.

Long version: It’s still literally Zuma. Your goal is to match balls in a line before they get to the “game over” hole basically. You can get various power ups and enchantments as you go along. From what I can tell, only a handful of enchantments are actually useful. I found myself just sticking to the same ones once I go ones that sounded decent unlocked. Only at one point did I actually go back and switch one I liked for another one – and that was for that last 7 or so levels.

Once you complete the story you can replay the game on either Hard or Nightmare mode. While so far I’ve only actually completed it on Normal, I do plan to go back and complete the other two difficulties eventually.

As far as the story goes, as I mentioned it’s kind of a dumb story. There’s this portal that has been sealed and the only way to unlock it is these five keys at various points on the map. Of course, the points are all fixed and pretty easy to spot. I couldn’t really take much else out of the story besides that, though.

Overall, Sparkle 2 is a nice little game to fill that gap a lack of a proper Zuma game on the Vita has left open. As for if it’s actually worth the current price tag of $7.99 USD or not is a matter of personal taste in this type of game, but I feel I have (and will continue to) gotten my money’s worth.

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