Ys: Memories of Celceta Review

Leading up to finally purchasing this title I had heard a lot about it – mainly that it was a good title and one any RPG lover who has a Vita should get. Well, I dare say that they were right.


In the past I haven’t been able to get into Ys games too much. I’d play them for just a little while and lose interest. This time around, I was determined to play all the way through – and I’m glad I did. While again, at the start, they didn’t have much interest from me, as I got further in I wanted to play it more and more.

The story is definitely a cliché one – boy has lost his memory and is trying to get it back. Eventually ends up saving the world. It’s got your expected twists and turns and the hinted at romance from the main character. Your main character is also a “mute” – well, he can only speak in the way you can’t see outside of what you choose from some options.

Gameplay wise, it’s definitely got that very active feel to it. Even right up to the very end I was finding myself still learning how to do some timings on dodges and stuff so my face didn’t get pounded in as much. Once you learn some of the tricks, and heck even before you do, the combat will get you sucked in and wanting to beat up everything.

Since I’ve already spoke about some of my experience with this game in my initial thoughts post so I won’t repeat them all here and will thus keep this shorter. In the end, I highly suggest to anyone with a Vita who like JRPGs to check out this title. You can find it for purchase in either retail or digital form.

Ys: Memories of Celceta Review


My only real complaint is that the story WAS a little too cliche at some points. There was also some points where I would just get smacked in by large enemies while trying to explore.

This review was done from my own purchase of the title off PSN.


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