Putt-Putt Saves the Zoo Review

Hurrah, it’s opening day at the zoo! I can’t wait to go! But wait, what’s this? Trouble! Putt-Putt to the rescue in Putt-Putt Saves the Zoo!


The baby animals have gone missing and it’s Putt-Putt’s job to find them. Thankfully the animals are still within the zoo, they’ve just gotten mixed up in the different biomes. You’ll have to hunt each one down so that they can head back home.

The cutscenes are… a thing. That’s definitely what they are. You’ll get some really awkward camera angles as it zooms in to look at the different characters talking. Even though it’s been a few weeks since I actually played the game, the one with the momma elephant is still giving me nightmares. I can only imagine what kind of nightmares they would have given to kids… Also, that vine swinging animation. No, I never again want to see a car swing on a vine.

To help the animals out, you’ll need to mix and match stuff from different biomes. To help the lion and the giraffe, you’ll need to find a log elsewhere in the zoo. For the snake, you’ll need to have some hot cocoa from a concession stand in ss_e13a3871d5b9aa32a1bbf138ef801f537c456903the entrance. Some of the puzzles made me question my sanity a bit. Oh and of course, they had the elephants afraid of mice thing. Of course.

Another nightmare inducing, and I’m not even sure really kid friendly, thing was the joking birds you can find. Sure, you don’t have to click on them, but they are there. Some of their jokes definitely felt a little mature for the intended audience of kids. I did sit there for probably a good 20 minutes though trying to exhaust them of their jokes. Will give them credit for there at least being a large variety!

Putt-Putt Saves the Zoo isn’t really a game I’d suggest to anyone, even kids. Sure, it’s trying to teach you about different animals and the different biomes they live in, but some of the execution is just poor. I think I found myself just facepalming at some of the stuff in there, especially some of those cutscenes, more often than not. Really, please, no one ever make a car swinging on a vine cutscene ever again…

Putt-Putt Saves the Zoo Review Score


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