The Impossible Game Review

Do you like a challenge? Do you like catchy music? Do you like dying a lot and cursing like a sailor? Then The Impossible Game is the game for you!


Everyone has heard of The Impossible Game and may have tried it for a few seconds before getting mad and giving up. But believe me, it’s a good game. The only thing you really need is patience and a level head.


The Impossible Game is a very simplistic game. You are a square making your way through a level. Think Super Mario Bros for the Nintendo Entertainment System. Get from the beginning of the stage to the end. Unlike Mario, you only control your jumps.


There are four stages (technically five since level one has two levels choices). The stages are filled with spikes, square platforms, and pits. AND CATCHY MUSIC!!!


There isn’t much to explain about The Impossible Game but it’s called impossible for a reason. It’s hard. It’s really hard. Especially when you give up and think all is lost (except for the catchy music). But if you have an insane amount of patience, then you are A-OKAY!


I haven’t played much of the game but of what I have played, I can’t stop. The music is really good in my opinion. I recommend taking occasional breaks. After a while everything just blurs together and I don’t know what is what anymore.


In short, The Impossible Game is good but one needs patience to play it.


                                                  The Impossible Game



 Needs more levels and more music yo…

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