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LYNE is a simplistic game, at least on the surface. You need to match the colors together by forming a line between them. Sounds simple, right?


LYNE does start out very simple. You need to get from point a to point b, matching all the shapes along the way. Your line cannot cross over itself of course. As you get further in, though, more colors will be added and the board will get larger. You’ll also be introduced to spots where you have to go through it multiple times. This is where the “simplicity” ends and truly starts to make you think.

LYNE consists of 27 sets of puzzles (that contain 25 puzzles in each set), one for each letter in the alphabet. The first puzzles in every set are easy but that easiness does not last. Some puzzles will truly stump you and force you to think of, or try, different ways to GET from point a to point b on every color there. As more colors get added and the spots you need to run through multiple times get more points, these will become harder and harder to solve. Of course, you’ll still find yourself wanting to solve them and not let it win. Even if you have to step away for a bit and come back to it, it will always be there.

While I did say that the game has “27” sets of puzzles, that isn’t entirely true. There are 27 sets of puzzles included in the main game, but there are also daily challenges. These change from day to day and will vary from extremely easy to “I want to rip my hair out” difficult. The fact there are constantly fresh puzzles coming into the game is extremely nice to see for sure, as it keeps the game “updated” every day in a sense.

LYNE, as said before, is very simplistic at its core. However, as also said before, the more you dive into it the more you realize that an extremely challenging and fun game lies within. Oh and don’t like the color palette? Don’t worry! As you complete puzzles and get your little “stars” (triangles) you will unlock more options including more colors palettes for you to use. Unfortunately there doesn’t seem to be much of a colorblind option, so those until you unlock more palettes it may prove to be even more difficult.

If you are looking for a deceptively challenging puzzle title be sure to go pick up LYNE today!


LYNE Review Score


The fact there’s no colorblind option for those that need it in a color-based puzzle title isn’t great. And while the amount of puzzles is nice, perhaps it is a tad overboard.

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