Final Fantasy VII Yuffie Solo–Disc 1 Thoughts

Recently I’ve been working on a challenge playthrough of Final Fantasy VII where I play through as only Yuffie. This is partly for an excuse to play through Final Fantasy VII again, and partly for a reason to make the game harder.

I recently completed disc 1, or what would be disc 1 if I were on the PlayStation version. Since doing so, I decided I’d start up a new section on here where I give my thoughts on my challenge playthroughs at certain points.

Unfortunately on disc 1, a good portion of it was spent without Yuffie due to Midgar. Because of this I decided to implement a no materia challenge. Midgar wasn’t too difficulty overall – though, if I remember right, Motorball did take a couple tries due to not planning it out properly.

I obtained Yuffie at the earliest possible point – right before Junon. For the remainder of the disc (with one exception), I played with only her alive. There was definitely some scary moments and a couple of game overs, but as far as the bosses went none were too difficult.

The main game overs I can think of were out of my control unfortunately. Outside of Corel near the Gold Saucer, there are some enemies that can instantly kill one character. Well of course, when you only have one character alive… Yeah. The other game over I can recall was due to attempting Gorky in the Wutai tower and just not being anywhere near prepared for him.

I did mention there was one exception to my “the remainder of the disc” before. This was so that I could do Wutai at the earliest possible moment. Of course, doing Wutai removes Yuffie from the party. Because of this, I re-implemented the no materia rule. Thanks to right arms, Rapps wasn’t that hard. Well, besides Aero 3 hitting for stupidly hard because I couldn’t blow out his MP.

In the end though, I know Disc 2 is going to bring a huge chunk of challenges, even if Disc 1 is a majority of the game. This is mainly because Disc 2 contains Carry Armor… Oh boy.

Disc 1 Difficulty for Yuffie Solo

1.5/5 – Not too difficult outside of a couple points.

Disc 2 Expected Difficulty for Yuffie Solo

4/5 – Carry Armor exists.

You can find my video of JENOVA-Life from my Twitch stream here.

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