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Remember those times when you dreamt of jumping to another floating island? Well that day has come! Gather your friends and do just that in Wild Island Quest.

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Wild Island Quest is a choose-your-own story visual novel. You live on Mech-City Island and the time has come for Wild Island to come close. You are Henry and you’ve decided to gather up your friends and head to this island and see what’s there.

You have the choice of which of your friends you want to visit to see if they’ll join on your quest. Depending on the actions you take, you can get more people to join up with you. Take too long with one person and that’s all you’ll have with you. You can get some other weapons to bring with you depending on who you take as well. I ended up bringing Conan with his dad’s rifle. Okay, let’s roll with it.

One of the first things you’re greeted to in Wild Island Quest is ABSURDLY loud music. If you value your ears, go turn it down. You aren’t even missing much if you turn it all the way off either. The music is just a poor loop for each section that tries to loop to fit the “whole” scene but is actually way too short.

Well, perhaps it was just too short for me. It’s not that I’m a slow reader, but it’s hard to get through something fast when you’re constantly laughing at how horrendously bad the English is. At first I thought it was something right out of Google Translate, but instead it appears to have been translated through use of a Russian to English dictionary. This would be great, if it didn’t strip it of any sort of proper English grammar and also use very questionable words in situations. In fact, this game taught me more words and meanings that I didn’t even know existed and I’m a native English speaker…

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Okay, so it has horrendous music and even more horrendous English, what else could there be? How about horrendous graphics! The models look like they were pulled from some 3D program and slapped into 2D. Unfortunately, they are absolutely awful models. The scenes also hardly actually match what is actually being said in the text. Somehow, seeing a guy being kicked in the crotch and another being held in a chokehold is the same as the text saying they were surrounded and unable to do anything.

Don’t expect much out of this story either. The poor English makes for some extremely confusing situations and in general stuff just doesn’t make sense. I guess this game at least told me that thickets of lilac flower bushes are actually quite deadly, and that we should discriminate natives we’re seeing (hint: it meant differentiate in this context, not the discriminate meaning most English speakers are used to).

If you’re looking for some laughs then go ahead and check the game out. My suggestion is to avoid it. There are much better visual novels out there. Don’t subject yourself to the poor grammar and questionable words in Wild Island Quest. Just don’t. The poor English left me with very little incentive to try and find the other endings, and even getting the one ending with Conan was painful enough. So really, just avoid this game and go find one of the many other visual novels out there.

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Wild Island Quest


I’ll give it a point for how much it made me laugh and the fact it actually taught me some words I didn’t know. Otherwise, it just doesn’t have anything really going for it.

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