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You and the fourteen other members of the town of Salem go to rest on the first night. You’re the lookout, watching over the town and making sure no one suspicious is lurking. The next morning, three townspeople are dead. One has been murdered from the serial killer, one died to the mafia, and the other was shot by the veteran because he went to his house. You didn’t find anyone suspicious that night. But now they want lynch you… Welcome to Town of Salem.


I had never heard of this game before. It wasn’t until I was watching YouTube clips of it and decided, ‘I need to try this game out.’ Best part is… it’s free! And you can play with friends or random people. The games can either be long or short, depending how stupid people are.


The roles you get are random after everyone types in his/her name. I have ended up as Sheriff too times to count… And Escort… Not fun. Each game has one serial killer and three mafia members: Framer, Mafioso, and Godfather (those are the common three). Those four are main evil townspeople. There are two neutrals: Executioner and Jester. I’ve been both and needless to say… Not fun in the least unless you make it fun. Jester wants to be killed at a lynching so he/she can haunt someone at night. The Executioner is given someone that he/she needs to see to get lynched. If the Executioner’s target is killed at night, then the Executioner is turned into a Jester.


I keep mentioning lynching… After every night when someone is killed, it’s up to the townspeople to figure out who did the killing. The only clues you get are from the last wills of the killed and the death notes from either the serial killer or the mafia, but even that is tricky. You can get clues from the investigating roles: Sheriff, Lookout, Investigator, Jailor, and Medium. Just remember to watch out for the Jester and Executioner though.


In order for the town to win, they must get rid of all three mafia members and the serial killer. For the mafia to win, all the townspeople AND the serial killer needs to be kill/lynched. For the serial killer to win, all the townspeople must die but the mafia can still be alive.

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The game is great with great people you can play with. But as I said earlier, depending on who is in the game really makes the difference at how the speed of the game goes. I have been in some pretty slow games and with some really stupid people.


Overall, the game of Town of Salem is really fun but just hope that you don’t get a crappy group of people to play with.

Town of Salem



The game is free on Or you can buy the Steam version for $4.99.

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