Theatrhythm Final Fantasy: Curtain Call Review

You like songs? I like songs! WE ALL LIKE SONGS!!! TO BATTLE!!!! And airships~! That’s what Theatrhythm Final Fantasy: Curtain Call is all about.


Theatrhythm Final Fantasy: Curtain Call is the sequel to the Nintendo 3DS’s Theatrhythm Final Fantasy. The game is of the rhythm genre, think Elite Beat Agents on the Nintendo DS (I should play that game). The sequel, Curtain Call, brings a lot of new updates that were lacking in the first game.

Many remember that the first game was a stylus only game. We couldn’t use the buttons at all. Here, they now allow you to use the stylus and/or the buttons. I’ve never used the buttons in actual play other than practice to get a feel for it. Using the buttons reminded me of when I used to play Dance Dance Revolution GBC on emulator. It’s a nice feature to have added to the game for players that would rather use the buttons opposed to the stylus.


Speaking of the stylus, I found the stylus/touch pad a little more sensitive in Curtain Call opposed to the first game. I have never had a problem with it until I encountered a FMS and having to move the stylus all over the touch pad and then getting a bad for apparently being bad… for a lack of a better term. I thought I was doing all right but the game didn’t think so. This has happened on a few different occasions.

Difficulty. It has changed. In the first game, you had to first play expert to unlock ultimate. In Curtain Call, BOOM! They give ultimate right off the bat, which is nice. The one thing the game doesn’t give you right away is the EMS songs. You have to unlock them at a certain Rhythmia score, which you get after every song you beat.


Oh yes, airship levels. Talk about motion sickness up the wazoo. Airship levels were the one thing I disliked about the game. When I first saw them in the trailer, I was iffy about it. It was a great concept but not a good thing for players that suffer with motion sickness.

Here in Curtain Call, you have a slew of characters to choose from. Like holy crap, you have too many characters. And there are some characters with a different wardrobe but is considered a different character. For example, the character Yuna has two different wardrobe choices, her X and X-2 outfits, but each one is considered to be their own character. Just like the first game, to unlock more characters you will need to fight bosses in BMS songs to collect shards.


Multiplayer has changed in Curtain Call. In the previous game in the Chaos Shrine, you can recruit your friends via online locally to help you in BMS. But other than that, you couldn’t fight them. Now, you can challenge them to the death in Versus Mode. To unlock online versus, you need to fight one battle with the AI. I have yet to battle any of my friends online. I bug fellow reviewer Erin but she has yet to take up her stylus sword and fight me.


Speaking of Chaos Shrine, that has been removed and replaced with Quest Medley. The quests range from short to long, different paths to choose from, and bosses. I personally like Quest Medley over Chaos Shrine. It was a nice change to the series.

Overall I like Curtain Call. It offers over 200+ songs and many characters to choose from for your party. My only beef with the game is the touch pad sensitivity and the airship level (get a barf bag ready if you get motion sick easily).


Theatrhythm Final Fantasy: Curtain Call


You can purchase Theatrhythm Final Fantasy Curtain Call on Amazon and Gamestop.

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