Space mining clicker Review

Greetings, Director! It’s good to have you on board. Are you ready to take up your post and help us defend space? What do you have to do? Why, this is Space mining clicker, so all you have to do is click… a lot!

Space mining clicker (I’m going to start a tracker to see how many times I try to capitalize the full name) puts you in the shoes of the Director and shoots you off to a newly colonized planet. It takes a new twist on the “clicker” genre – actually having an ending. Well, I’m sure other ones with an “ending” are out there, I don’t exactly keep up with clicker games heavily. Your goal is to fend off the invaders – well, at least it was for the faction I joined, but I assume it’s much near the same for the other one.

Ahem, being a clicker game, Space mining clicker has one basic concept – click a whole heck of a lot. You have areas you can upgrade, although I was a bit confused as to what some of them actually do. You’ve got your main resource – the mine – you need to harvest for money, and another your need to harvest – the potato farm – to keep everything running with supplies. Which faction you choose influences which one you’ll have to not worry about, but only after you have a frantic “oh crap, I’m running out of supplies” story mission. The main other one to harvest is your “research” facility essentially, and the harvesting there is actually just lowering the timer on building ships.

Space mining clicker has no offline play function, but the game will likely only take you a few hours to complete, depending on if you decide to use an auto clicker or not. As I said before, the game is one of the few – if not the only (but I can’t easily verify that) – clicker game to feature an ending, and so it’s not really a big deal that there’s no offline play that happens.

There is a minor bit of auto clicking that is built into the game in the form of Task Forces. These Task Forces can be activated every 10-20 seconds – upgrade dependant – to auto click a single resource for that same period of time. As someone who took the Supplies path, I found this was practically required in order to make any sort of money to buy the upgrades. If I tried to just leave the game to its own devices without running those, I would get almost no money. Usually I found auto clickers would at least give you a bit more to work with, but even at max upgrades the mine does not really give me all that much.

Every few minutes a new event will pop up. These can either be beneficial or detrimental, but I found myself usually just ignoring them unless I was at a stage in the story that I needed some more money and I got the bonus income one. There are radars you can purchase through upgrades that you can use to either increase or decrease the remaining time of the event (depending on if it was detrimental or helpful). These ran into the same situation, where I only really used them if the event was actually really useful (or if it was one like clicks produce no money).

One of my biggest gripes about Space mining clicker is the fact that the English was so poor, coupled with the fact the font isn’t that good and makes some letters look like others. I feel like it could use a good proofreading, and less focus on the “must look pixelized” font.

I’ve seen some paid clickers, but usually they last a lot longer. Space mining clicker feels just a bit too short to what I’m used to in the clicker genre, especially considering it’s a paid game. I’m not asking for an endless game, but give it something more to keep me hooked. Heck, give me something to want to restart and try and the other faction! Some sort of incentive.

As it stands, I have a hard time recommending the game since it just felt too short, and the grammar in the game really didn’t help much.

I received Space mining clicker as part of #IndieSelect on Twitter.

Amount of times I tried to write Space Mining Clicker: too many.

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