Sakura Swim Club Review

Kaede is a new transfer to his school. It’s something he has grown used to. This time is different though after he joins the swim club and things take a wild turn.

Sakura Swim Club Review

Oh boy. What a way to start into my first game in the Sakura series. By this point I’ve grown pretty used to playing these games that are more aimed towards men, and this series really takes it to the extreme. Sakura Swim Club is the latest release in the (monthly?) series of Sakura titles on Steam.

In Sakura Swim Club, you, as the reader, are in the role of Kaede. Kaede is your typical boring guy who comes from a family of prodigies. Of course, he doesn’t care enough to do well in school. His father keeps transferring him to different schools every semester, hoping to find one that will finally “click” so Kaede will follow in his footsteps. With his latest transfer, he bumps into (quite literally) a girl. Later, he goes to check out the swim club and finds out this girl is a part of this. This begins his long journey to make it to the tournament where he decides to prove to his dad that this school is working for him and he doesn’t want to leave.

Now, for those unaware, the Sakura series isn’t exactly known for having a serious plot. If my experience with Sakura Swim Club says anything, it doesn’t seem to have a very realistic plot either. The main focus is on how dirty it can become. Don’t worry – the base Steam version is censored. You won’t really “see” anything. This doesn’t take out all of the near nakedness or panty shots though.

Sakura Swim Club - Bearly contain myself

Going into Sakura Swim Club, I knew what to expect from it. I knew that things were going to get a bit risqué. It still would’ve been nice if there was, say, an actually tangible plot line. The “plot” makes basically no sense. Often times, things would happen just so the story could go completely off and have a lewd picture happen. Oh hey look, we’re at a cultural festival! The MC has no idea what this even is, but the girls force him to go just so that they can go and show him these lewd swimsuits/outfits.

Sakura Swim Club is definitely aimed at a particular kind of audience. If you’re wanting to read a serious visual novel then there are plenty on Steam I might suggest instead of this. If you want a pretty nonsense story that just throws in events so that one can get more lewd pictures in then sure, maybe the Sakura series is for you. I also spotted some typos within the writing which didn’t help with how much the story was already making me laugh from the nonsense within. With how much nonsense I found in the story, it’s hard for me to recommend this. It was already a particularly hard recommend because it’s aimed at such a specific audience, but the absolutely nonsense story and events happening just to get into a lewd picture push it past the point of non-recommendation

Sakura Swim Club Review


I would like to thank the publisher for providing me with a copy for review.

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