Sailor Moon Beat ’em Up Games: Initial Thoughts



Oh Sailor Moon, my childhood. You’re coming back to me in the form of a new series and the new re-dub of the original. But I came back to you because of beat ‘em up games for the Super Nintendo.

I’ve been meaning to play the beat ‘em up games for quite some time. I tried playing them on emulator but I cannot seem to get the grasp of playing platformers or fighting games on keyboard. Luckily, I modded my Super Nintendo to play Super Famicom games and bought the games from eBay.

When I played the games with a controller, I was super bad. I found it difficult for single player. The game kept throwing so many enemies at you and it never allowed you to catch your breath. I wasn’t able to pass the 3rd stage of the first season game and never passed the 2nd stage in the second season game.


It was frustrating. No matter which character I picked, I got my butt kicked. I was able to have my friend play co-op with me with the games. Needless to say, she was better than me (“I’m just better at being the title character.”) We were able to get to the final stage in both games. And my friend had to carry my butt throughout the game and I ran out of continues before her. But we died before seeing the bosses (except for the 2nd season game, we got to Prince Diamond and died).


My friend was the one who discovered the character’s secret move (holding B + Y, wait for the bar to fill and let go). But unfortunately, we were never able to pull it off. Though we did have fun with the games despite not being able to beat them. Our favorite thing was in the 2nd season game. Whenever we try to grab an enemy to throw them, we ended up grabbing each other and started laughing (we also laughed at Sailor Moon’s throwing sound “bleugh”). That move became scary in the 2nd stage of the game when we could end up throwing each other off the raft. But we were safe, thank goodness.

I definitely suggest any Sailor Moon fan to play the beat ‘em games either on actual console or emulator. The games can be found on rom sites and the carts can be found on eBay.

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