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Have you ever thought that what you were playing was simply pointless? That all you were doing in it was for nothing? Let me introduce you to Pointless, a game that takes it’s name quite literally.

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Pointless is a clicker game where your only objective is to click on tiny little dots on the screen to gain points. As you click these dots, they’ll split off into more and more dots until they disappear from the screen. There are some power ups that spawn on occasion as well, but all they really do is make the dot clicking become about 1% more interesting.

Pointless has quite a few performance issues going on with it. The game initially comes in a fairly small window, meant to emulate the look of an old GameBoy. Should you try and resize or maximize this window at all, the game will completely freak out and will become fairly unresponsive. You can still “hear” things going on, but your screen becomes frozen, with any parts that were adjusted/touched by the resizing giving you a clear view into whatever you have running behind the game.

Then there’s the fact the game just randomly lags something crazy. Since there was no way I was going to try and do all that clicking manually (I already have bad enough carpal tunnel, thanks), I decided to throw on an auto clicker for this. Depending on what power ups you grabbed, the game would just randomly lock up for a few seconds. It pretty much came down to anytime some amount of action was happening (with an auto clicker on anyways), the game did not like it at all. Considering how simplistic the game looks, it feels like stuff like this just shouldn’t be happening.

Pointless Game

Oh, and there’s the soundtrack. Oh boy the “soundtrack”. The soundtrack, and in general the sounds, in this game are once again trying to capture that GameBoy feel. Unfortunately, they can become a major assault on the ears. There’s also no in-game volume control, so you can either crank it down in your volume mixer or just mute it (either in-game or through previously mentioned volume mixer). I’ve been noticing an increasing amount of games that seem to just not have a volume control besides On/Off, and while that’s a full rant I’ll save for another day, it is something that is getting fairly annoying.

So, what’s the point of Pointless? You can click dots to get more points, and as you click the dots you’ll unlock more skins. These skins only affect the “main” screen, not the outer, seemingly unneeded, border. There are 11 of these you can unlock, with each having access to two different colours – one for the background, one for the dots and font. Once you’ve unlocked all 11 (long before you reach the points needed for all achievements), pretty much all that’s left to do is go for the last achievement. There’s a global leaderboard that shows the total amount of points earned, as well as what your current point total is.

Pointless Powerup

If you’re looking for clicker games, there are much better ones out there. Ones that don’t tend to cost $1 to play. Even for paid clicker games there are still better ones out there. Unless I completely just missed the point of Pointless, I will stand by what I said at the start – it lives up to it’s name pretty well in being pointless. Don’t waste your money on this one and go play one of the good free clicker games out there if you’re really wanting to play a clicker game.

Pointless Review Score

I feel like there’s a lot of puns I could have done off this title, but it probably would have just been pointless overall. If this had been free, I probably would’ve given it a slightly higher rating, but it’s simply not worth the $1 they are asking for it.

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