Platinum Log: Persona 4 Golden

When I originally reviewed Persona 4 Golden I didn’t have much intention to return, at least not for a long while. After my completion – and review – of Persona 3 Portable I was wanting to play some more Persona shortly after. Not having easy access to any other Persona game, I decided to take on the task of platinuming Persona 4 Golden. That task is why I’m here today, bringing the first post in our category dedicated to 100% trophy/achievement/game completion – the Platinum Log.

During my first playthrough I played the game completely blind but still went through to get the true ending. Turns out this was a pretty good decision on my point, and not just so I could see more of the story. Certain trophies require that your previous playthrough got the true ending on top of needing to also get it on that playthrough pretty much. Well, I suppose depending on how much you did in the first playthrough you might not need to but… it’s safer to get it I think. Even if it does mean having to do Marie’s dungeon again…

2014-07-31-003528The biggest obvious pains I had going into this were needing to get 250 unique lines out of Rise, completing the Persona compendium, and maxing out all the social links. Turns out though that on top of those, I also had issues getting the 100 skill cards trophy. In fact it was the last one I got for the platinum!

The Persona 4 Golden platinum is definitely not for those not ready to do a lot of grinding. On top of the grinding, the lack of full cutscene skips also means that you’ll still be sitting there for quite awhile in those cutscenes, fast forward or not. Somewhere around the mid-point of this second playthrough I was starting to question why was I doing this but I still pushed forward.

For those wanting to go for it, be ready to follow a guide for the Legend of Inaba – Max all Social Links trophy. You may also want to keep a guide on hand for the Hardcore Risette Fan trophy, and the same goes for the Persona compendium completion. For that one though, you’ll likely find you’ll need to cross reference multiple places to make sure you don’t miss any! The main chart I found for it didn’t have any Jester or Aeon combinations, and I really didn’t feel like trying to fight with matching them myself. Yeah, perhaps that makes me slightly lazy but oh well.


Persona 4 Golden Platinum Difficulty


This is my own opinion. The reason I rank it so high is just because of how much of a pain the Social Link balancing can be.

My Persona 4 Golden trophy collection.

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