Platinum Log: Final Fantasy Type-0 HD

Following the completion of my review for Final Fantasy Type-0, I was itching to platinum it. I had already made decent progress, so why not?


Going into Final Fantasy Type-0 HD, I had very little idea of what to expect from it. This was especially true for the trophies. What were they? Well, some 30 hours later after my first playthrough of it I was already 73% done with them. I had already decided I wanted to get the platinum (since it seemed actually reasonable to do), so I dove in.

For the majority, as one might guess, the trophies aren’t that hard. Some will require you to do specific actions, however even most of these will come naturally while playing as long as you’re diligent. Once you get into the second playthrough, however, that’s when things get a bit more real if you’re going for the trophies.

Okay, sure, you COULD technically go for them all on the first playthrough. I’m sure if you tried hard enough it’d be possible. I’d personally suggest the two playthrough method though. So what are the tricky trophies anyways, you’re asking? Well…

Following my first playthrough, I quickly cleaned up several pretty obvious trophies. Breed 100 chocobos, get some of the mission bonuses, those kinds of things. With the mission bonuses, there are two that might pose some trouble: A Lonely Battle and An Army of One. Well, they sound like they SHOULD basically be the same thing, right? One would think. An Army of One is from completing a mission solo, as long as it isn’t one of the RTS missions. That’s easy enough, ESPECIALLY in New Game+.

battle2A Lonely Battle for some reason is trickier. You’d think it’d JUST be the same thing – complete a mission solo. No. For some reason, it seems to be SPECIFIC missions under certain conditions. I personally got it through the Colonel Faith Expert Trial in Chapter Five through doing a solo of it with Cater. Wait, a solo? Isn’t that Army of One? Yeah, it makes no sense, but it worked! I’ve heard of some others doing it through doing that Expert Trial with two characters – one of which was Primed.

The Knowing Tag collecting is another one that may prove a hassle for some. Even now, after having earned the platinum, I’m sure my method wasn’t optimal for getting the last few I needed. I went into the main Chapter 6 mission and just plowed through to grab what I could off of bodies. Is there a better way? Probably. Thankfully, I had already picked up a lot through just playing the game so I only had to grab another 5 or 6 through that mission. Still, it’s a bit of a pain for one would think an easy task.

The trickiest, I think, is the one to obtain the airship. The one for killing 50 enemies with the airship is easy, it’s just getting to it. To do so, you need to be in Chapter 7, having either completed certain Expert Trials or just be in the second half. You then need to head out to where the Silent Key is, which is beyond an area that is only accessible in Chapter 7. To GET to the Silent Key you’ll need to dodge your way around a bunch of behemoths, so have your chocobos and teleport stones ready! Once inside, it isn’t bad. There are a bunch of Red and Iron Giant inside, sure, but they aren’t TERRIBLE so long as you’ve got at least a character in the 40’s. You might suffer some casualties but ah well. There are also some items to collect in here, and I’m sure you aren’t that keen on making your way back here (I know I wasn’t).

So while Final Fantasy Type-0 HD definitely isn’t the hardest Final Fantasy platinum out there (looking at you Final Fantasy X), it’s still got a few tricky ones. My final time for the platinum came in around 40 hours. Just keep this in mind: You don’t actually have to do everything in the game to platinum. I do plan on eventually going back to do a bunch of the extra content, but for now I’ll have to put it off for the millions of other things on my plate.

Final Fantasy Type-0 HD Platinum Difficulty


Some tricky ones but definitely not as hard as certain other Final Fantasy platinums.

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