Platinum Log: Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair

When I finished up Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair not too long ago I wasn’t expecting to go back to it so soon to get the Platinum trophy. Well, turns out I did. The game had that much of a pull on me.


While initially playing through Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair I made some progress towards getting the Platinum, though due to difficulty choices (I was on the easiest one) I couldn’t get some of them. Also, a lot of trophies were tied to stuff outside of the main game and thus one could not even get them until you had beat it. Some trophies weren’t too difficult, however others I was wanting to pull my hair out on.

A lot of the trophies revolved around collectibles in either the main game or in the other modes available. Since the English version has not been out for very long yet, I had to consult Japanese guides to find these collectibles. This raised a few issues as it turns out the orders of some items was changed. At least the main collectible in the main game that I ended up disliking, one after a certain puzzle in Chapter 4, ended up still being there. That puzzles was absolutely frustrating as a lot of it hardly made any sense, and the first time through I just used the option to buy my way through to the end. Other than that one, following the guide for the collectibles I was able to finish them fairly fast.

However, that wasn’t the end of the collectibles. I still had to get all the presents (which involved a lot of luck) and complete the special Monomi mode. The Monomi mode was pretty much random if you would get what you wanted, even if you knew the item could drop there. Of course, the list I was using (poorly translated into English) was missing a lot of locations. Completion of this mode was probably one of my more time consuming parts of getting this Platinum,Monomuna Machine outside of obviously completing the main story. For the presents, you just had to have good luck. For the last present in particular, I ended up putting 100 coins into the machine and getting it.

There’s also Island Mode, which shows what would have happened had the whole killing spree not happened. Well, more to say if Monokuma was defeated. I initially used this mode to max out the report cards, but had to replay it probably a total of 7 or 8 times to fill out the report cards and get all the endings. This was definitely the most time consuming part and definitely became really dull to keep doing after around the 2nd or 3rd time.

One thing I was unable to do in my initial playthrough was breaking through 100/500 lines of noise in the trials. This is because I had the difficulty set to the lowest which disables this. I ended up just repeating one section of a trial for awhile until I got the one for 500. I also had to clear a full trial without taking any damage and well, thankfully you can save mid-trial!

Finally there’s the pet system. I had to completely raise all the pets until they gave me a new egg. I think there’s going to be a permanent indent in my thumb from this as I had to hold the left analog stick to the left (could have done right but I chose left) for a long period of time. Of course, I had to occasionally check in to make sure they weren’t going to die from unhappiness (think Tamagotchi). This was the final thing I ended up doing to get the Platinum.

Overall, Danganronpa 2’s Platinum isn’t too difficult. There is some randomness involved along with a LOT of repetition. It is that repetition that is making me rate this higher than it would otherwise be. I’ve heard the Platinum for the first game is much easier though, so whenever I get around to being able to play that it likely won’t be nearly as much of a grind. There are also some trophies that I got during the grind after the main story, but most came naturally. The only one that didn’t really come naturally was the gallery completion, though that just required a lot of Monokuma coins to fully unlock.

Platinum Trophy + My Final Pet

Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair Platinum Difficulty


There’s a LOT of repetition while you grind out items that are a random chance to get. Also completing Island Mode over and over will start to drag on you.

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