News: Lucid9: Inciting Incident Receives a Release Date

Sekai Project and Fallen Snow Studios have announced that the upcoming free-to-play Mystery Visual Novel Lucid9: Inciting Incident will be releasing on Steam on April 14th.

Lucid9 logoSet in 2018, he first entry in a multi-part series, readers will take on the role of Yama Ishimoto, a cynical high school student who is forced to investigate a recent string of disappearances at his school. The further Yama investigates this mystery, the further he must dig through the secrets of the metropolis of Isamu, bringing him and his friends closer to danger each step of the way. Each step will lead him to the most unexpected (and terrifying) culprit.

CG 3

Full art of AiriLucid9: Inciting Incident includes the following features:Full sprite - Misaki

  • Free to play!
  • A 10-hour long story that sets the stage by introducing the world of Lucid9 and its characters.
  • Multiple choices that influence the outcome of the story.
  • 30 original musical tracks, over 150 character sprites, and 10 beautiful CG scenes.

While the game won’t launch with English voice overs, they will be released at a later date. You can check out a preview of the voice overs from Yin Yang Studios below.

Lucid9: Inciting Incident will be available for free on April 14th on Steam for Windows and Mac. For more information, please check the official site for Lucid9.

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