Miner Mayhem Review

Once upon a time there was a miner. He decided that he was bored of digging in REGULAR mines. He wandered around and found a pillar of ore to mine! He had found the jackpot at last, and it became a Miner Mayhem!


Miner Mayhem is an infinite-pillar-digging-clicker. Your main objective? To click as much as you can until you die. Death comes from hitting one of the things jutting out to the side or running out of time. Pretty basic, right? I decided to grab it just to see what it was all about – and because it was on sale for fairly cheap.

When you start the game, you’re presented with two options – choosing what your miner looks like and starting the game. There is a mute sound button, but not until you actually start up a game. Games don’t tend to last very long, at least they didn’t for me. The fast paced clicking usually winds up with me smacking into death by accident.

For something so simple, you’d think that the controls would be pretty basic. Well, they are fairly basic, and yet for some reason a basic idea in the controls got over looked. To control your miner you click back and forth to try and evade the pieces jutting out. For some reason, they decided that having you move your mouse back and forth was a much better idea than using the fact there’s a Left Mouse Button AND a Right Mouse Button! All of the clicking is done with said Left Mouse Button, forcing you to frantically move your mouse back and forth.

Miner Mayhem Diamonds

When you inevitably lose the game, you’re presented with the game over screen showing you your best score (on that machine, as it doesn’t have Steam Cloud Saving) and the score you got in that game. You can either choose to change characters, start again, or go to their site and browse their mostly mobile collection of games. This does of course bring light to the fact that the game is set to “Always On Top”. While you can minimize the game, it’s still pretty annoying.

The various characters you can unlock are purely a cosmetic thing. You can unlock these by achieving one of a few things in the game. The first is just how many ore you mine out over time. Then there’s the ones that will unlock based on the score you achieve. The others mention something about things in a row, something I never was able to figure out.

One of the most questionable things I found in Miner Mayhem was the texture for the ore. The texture use looks like it was ripped straight out of some Minecraft skin pack. It doesn’t look natural at all – not that an endless pillar of ore would ever look natural – and seems rather blurry. Unfortunately, it wouldn’t really surprise me if it was actually ripped from some Minecraft skin pack.

Miner Mayhem Gold

Is Miner Mayhem worth it? Not really. I spent around .20 – .30 on it, which considering I did get about 30 minutes of “entertainment” value (read: carpal tunnel inducement) doesn’t seem all that bad. There are even better games out there like this such as Timberman – a game that also has multiplayer! You’re much better off just avoiding this game, and if you really want a game like this, just go to Timberman.

Miner Mayhem Review Score


And the miner was never heard from again…

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