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Fairies are often said to hold magical powers. How about the power to unite two people? You can do just that in Meadowland.

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I don’t think I’ve made it much of a secret that I tend to like artsy games. I’ve been eyeing Meadowland for quite some time now, however I never actually got it until a recent sale. Once I had a bit of free time, I decided to jump in and see what this game was all about.

Meadowland leaves you in control of a little fairy. You are given a brief introduction to the controls and then left to your own devices. There’s a grimoire with small clues as to what you’re supposed to do, along with another overview of the controls should you forget.

The first goal, and thus the first act, is simple enough to achieve. You’ll likely find this very fast and then get extremely lost. I know I did. You can use your little fairy to navigate around the area, clicking on it to sing a small tune. Use this tune in the right places, typically after an audio cue, and something may happen.

Meadowland Grimoire

If you look at the images within the grimoire, you’ll notice that they all appear to be at different times of day. This game has a day/night system and, as you guessed, each thing is tied to a particular time. After you’ve finished exploring the fairly small map, you’ll probably just end up sitting around waiting for the right time of day. That is, of course, assuming you can figure out what you actually need to DO for that act.

The artstyle works to convey what it needs to, at least. The backgrounds, especially when it comes to the setting sun, look absolutely gorgeous. The sounds and music also add into the experience – it’s typically softer and quieter when nothing is going on, and picks up when you’re doing the right thing and seeing the end of an act.

Once you do figure out what to do, Meadowland is fairly short. Even with all the waiting, it likely won’t even last an hour. The game is denoted as an interactive poem, however I’d more equate it to a short interactive movie. The grimoire can be useful, though most of the time it is just more confusing as it only shows the finished product of an act. With all that said, I’d only really suggest Meadowland to folks who aren’t looking for any sort of “hardcore” game and don’t mind the waiting for day changes.


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