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An evil Lamia has been causing trouble for the citizens of a local town for too long! As the Paladin, lead your party in to defeat her once and for all.

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Lamia Must Die is a short RPGMaker title that had originally been made for a contest. Now, the creator has made some small improvements to it and released it to Steam as a Free to Play title. The game is simple – you get a simple backstory on your team and then go to fight to Lamia. Who survives determines what ending you receive, and should all four survive, you get a special ending.

Yes, this game is just a boss fight. Said boss fight actually takes some strategy to do though! You need to plan out your attacks as the Lamia has a pretty decent Regen effect happening. After she drops below 5000 HP she’ll also summon two friends, though they don’t really pose that much of a threat. They do need to die off eventually though!

For a Free to Play RPGMaker game I wasn’t really expecting much in Lamia Must Die. I was surprised that there was voice acting though! You can choose if you want it on or not at least, so if it really bugs you then you can turn it off. The only time you actually get a chance to do this is when you start the game though so be warned. I never saw an opportunity to even go into the menu (considering the entire game consists of just the boss fight and cutscenes).

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For how short it is, the writing isn’t that bad. Sure you’ve got the generic “oh someone showed up to save the day and got a group to people to help them” story, but I found the intro to be good enough. I mean, older games never really gave you much backstory before you went off to save the world. Lamia Must Die just has it condensed into a smaller story where you go to fight the last boss immediately.

The graphics are around what you expect from an RPGMaker title. Well, okay, the Lamia does look a bit odd. I don’t quite know what was going on there. The characters also have faces that will change should they go to low HP in the battle, along with special lines, which was neat.

Lamia Must Die did do something I haven’t really seen many other RPGMaker titles do – it has resolution settings! While it warns the later options are for special monitors, if you have a widescreen monitor you should be fine. It was nice to see resolution options though, seeing as typically RPGMaker screens are really tiny on modern monitors.

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Considering the price for Lamia Must Die, you don’t really have anything to lose. The boss fight will make you think up a strategy to beat her – it took me two tries to do so – and it’s quite short. If you don’t like the voice acting you can turn it off, and otherwise the sounds are fine. You’ll also need to learn how to combo fast with the mage, and if you’re a controller user like me, you’ll need to switch to keyboard for some parts. You may as well check it out and see what you think for yourself! Will you be able to get the special ending with all four characters alive?

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Lamia Must Die is available for free on Steam.

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