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KAMI is a simplistic puzzle game where you trying to match the various colors of paper. You do this by switching between different colors to eventually end at your goal. You go in with only one basic tutorial. On paper, it sounds like an interesting puzzle game. In actuality, while it is interesting, some of it’s quirks are a bit off putting.


To my, the tutorial basically said “you must always bring it down to this one color.” Sure, maybe that’s just me not thinking it through enough, but that’s what it seemed like. So for the first set and a half of puzzle that’s what I was doing – bringing it down to that one color. Only by accident did I discover that oh hey, you can bring it down to ANY one color. Some sort of tutorial to explain this fact would have been nice.

KAMI features a built-in hint system, however… To use it, you must be at the very start of the puzzle and it will give you only one move… the first one. You cannot use it again that level. You can only use so many hints “per day.” After a bit of digging, I found out that KAMI had originally been a mobile title and that you could “buy” more hints. It would seem this is how they decided to completely botch the PC port of the game.

KAMI GameplayGraphically the game looks amazing. Sound wise it could have used more than oh… one song. I get that it’s just a cheap mobile to PC port, but there only being one song makes me want to mute it very fast. Luckily it would seem they were nice enough to not turn on sound in-puzzle by default, so you only have to hear the one song on the puzzle select screen!

In the end, I feel hesitant to say that I would suggest KAMI to others… however I would. Only if you are into somewhat difficult puzzle games, however. There were many puzzles that had me stumped and just trying things over and over for an extended period of time. Yeah, those times are the ones where I would have very much appreciated the ability to use more hints in a day… or in a single puzzle.

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You can purchase KAMI for $3.99 on Steam.

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