Initial Thoughts: Persona 4 Arena

I was bored and frustrated with Persona PSP and thought “What other Persona game do I want to play cause I’m in a Persona mood?” So I looked on PSN to see what Persona games are on there and lo and behold, Persona 4 Arena. Now I can beat up people!


Persona 4 Arena plays as your typical fighting game. Though the one thing that really irritates me is the sheer amount of cutscenes in story mode. So far I have only played the main character’s story but holy crap, I was mad. Out of the 15 times you save, only 5 of them are after fights. Fighting games do not need 2 hours of cutscenes.


So I opted to go into arcade mode since I didn’t care for the cutscenes there and I can skip them. With fighting games, every character is different and it just depends if you’re good with said character. So far I found myself doing well with the main character and Naoto.


As of now, the game is okay. The amount of cutscenes in story mode is really stopping me from continuing. Arcade mode is really fun until you die on the 8th opponent which happens to be the final one.


Once I complete every characters’ story and finish arcade mode, I will do a complete review.

Initial Thoughts on Persona 4 Arena




About Persona 4 Arena


Platform: PS3 and Xbox360

   Genre: Fighting

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