Initial Thoughts: 0RBITALIS

0RBITALIS is an Early Access Steam game that is a puzzle game involving gravity.


Nice and conveniently named to likely pretty much always be the first game in your Steam game list, 0RBITALIS. With the click of your mouse, you’ll launch into orbit trying not to crash into something or get flung out of orbit. Survive long enough and you’ll move onto the next puzzle. Solve enough puzzles and you’ll head into another section. Rinse, repeat.

It’s a game of trial and error. It’s a game of right timing and having your mouse in precisely the right place. And oh does this start to get aggravating. You’ll likely suffer many attempts that either just crash and burn right away, or get pretty far and then die before it actually counts. While not exactly random, it sure does start to feel like it. I would do one thing, get close, try it again and then find out I can’t hit that exact same timing again and be back where I started – with nothing. Yup… Frustrations started to run high after only a few levels.

The controls as they stand now are a bit lackluster. The mouse feels hypersensitive in levels – one tiny nudge can completely throw off a solution. And for some reason, after you finish a level there’s no “Next Level” button (even though the developer claims there is). Get used to going back to that star map… There’s also mentions that the game is nearing a release ready state, so I sure hope that this is solved soon.


While not the greatest thing out there, 0RBITALIS is good enough for what it is. It really is in desperate need of a “Next Level” button, but at least it has the leaderboard part covered already. Hopefully by the time it is actually “release ready” that button is there. I’m looking forward to seeing how it turns out, however, and will likely revisit it once the full product has been released.

0RBITALIS Initial Thoughts

Next Level button needed. Also, extremely frustrating with how sensitive the mouse can be!

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