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Imagine Me is a platformer that will also force you to face some nightmares. You’ll take control of Robbe as he remembers his past and delves deeper through the dungeons to find a way out.


Imagine Me’s story is just that – you, as the player, are Robbe. After each level you’ll have another memory revealed to him from his life in the 3rd grade. After each set of 3 (or so) levels you’ll face off against a randomly chosen boss. These are his nightmares and each have their own mechanic to defeat them.

As you go through the levels you’ll get armed with a bow. Each bow you find will provide you with arrows. Once you run out you are hopeless against enemies until you can find more arrows. While you’ll typically have more than you’ll ever need, especially if you exit and restart multiple times, it is still possible to run out. This is especially bad against bosses, especially ones where there are no arrows available to pick up. I had this happen to me once and yeah… I was sad as I quit out and had to start from the beginning.

While it would be great if there was a way to level select back to where you had left off, or at least close to it, there is no way to do so. Each time you return to the main menu, you will be sent back to the start and have to proceed through all ss_bb4911cc692d3658648cf5cbb44153f1799bca3eover again. The levels are randomly generated, though if you play through it enough times you will start to see some repeats. This random generation ended up landing me in a level with literally no way to proceed. It was a miracle I even made it past the start, as there was a shooting spike right there.

Imagine Me definitely has some kinks to work out, though the developers do seem to be fairly active with the community in fixing things. Along with the level where I had literally no way to proceed, there seems to be some bugs within the menus. Perhaps it is just a controller thing, but when I was trying to back out of the memory log area it literally would not let me. It kept going into a loop of entering/leaving the memory log. I’ve also seen some questionable things such as fake blocks, but I’ve just come to accept those as a platforming challenger.

Given time and some bug fixes, I can see Imagine Me shaping into an interesting little game. Granted, it is still good as it is so long as you’re okay with the fact you might run into a “I can’t proceed” situation. In those cases, the Challenges are there to take your mind off of and well… They are definitely challenging, at least for me! Definitely going to take me a fair bit of time to make it through all of them.

Even with the current bug fixes, I would suggest the title to platforming fans. Especially ones who like doing spike and enemy dodging (or enemy killing). Even folks who would just like to read an interesting story in amongst some nice graphics. Well, at least the between levels graphics are nice, not so much the in-level ones. The memories are definitely fairly interesting and worth the read.

I definitely enjoyed my time playing it, even the time when I ended up getting the Haunt boss three times in a row. The Challenges intrigue me for sure and will keep me playing it just to try and finish all of them. So yes, while there are some unpolished spots in it, it’s still worth checking out (and doesn’t even cost very much on Steam)!


Imagine Me Review Score


Given bug fixes, this game has great potential. While still good now, I feel it isn’t quite there yet. I’ll likely revisit the title after some of these fixes have been done, but for now this is where I stand on it.

I would like to thank KinifiGames for providing me with a copy of the game for review.

Imagine Me is available now on Steam.

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